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  1. longlivejuggs

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    @Thalzon do you have a more updated collection of battlers to download? No matter what browser i use, there's numerous pages with images that won't display and i know they're different from the ones in the link on your original post. I love your work. Tremendously. These are assets that...
  2. longlivejuggs

    Rounded Dungeon Tileset MV

  3. longlivejuggs

    State Core help (yanfly) Aoe state damage and buffs

    Yeah but that toxic is based off the enemies maximum health and damages in percentile. I was looking for one that would scale off of the casters base parameters like m.atk and luck. Thank you none the less however.
  4. longlivejuggs

    State Core help (yanfly) Aoe state damage and buffs

    Hey guys I was looking for a little help with some new states. Im using Yanfly's Buff and State Core. Im looking for a status effect that will damage the enemy at the end of his turn and any other nearby enemies ( Im also using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin ) Also in another regard Im looking...
  5. longlivejuggs

    Failivrin's Freesources

    Interesting concept. I like it.
  6. longlivejuggs

    Hookshot event?

  7. longlivejuggs

    Hookshot event?

    Hey guys. I've used the search feature as well as Google with no luck. I'm looking for a way to event a hook shot. Basically i want to press a button that will cause a rope with a grappling hook of sorts to spawn from the character and travel in the direction their facing. The hook can only...
  8. longlivejuggs

    Hookshot request

    Bump... Or maybe somebody could point me in the direction of eventing?
  9. longlivejuggs

    Hookshot request

    Hey guys. I was wondering If there Is a hook shot plugin out there. I've searched to no avail. I can't even find tutorials on how to event it. Basically i want to have an invisible event that i can place on top of rocks and ledges on the map and use comments that would allow the hook shot to...
  10. longlivejuggs

    Side Effects Control

    Brilliant my friend!
  11. longlivejuggs

    Mr Pyramids Stuff

    Beautiful work man. Keep It Up. ;)
  12. longlivejuggs

    Diagonal tilesets?

    You might wanna try asking in the request thread. ;)
  13. longlivejuggs

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Certainly nasty at your craft. Do you hand draw these and revise them with illustrator? I'm only wondering the technique cause I'm an artist myself.
  14. longlivejuggs

    - Animations Archive - (Update 11/04 - Nov Part 1/2)

    Beautiful per usual. You are definitely a great contribution to the community!
  15. longlivejuggs

    VE - Throwable Objects

    Is it possible to leave the thrown graphic on screen for X amount of turns? Like a grenade for example that doesn't automatically detonate.
  16. longlivejuggs

    Beginner to Advancer MV Tutorial series

    I completely endorse Driftwood! I'm not sure a chronological playlist would even be necessary considering his videos cover a vast range of niche things to do and not so much a fluid start to finish tutorial. They're very specific tutorials.
  17. longlivejuggs

    World Map Plugin 2.00b

    Sweet deal man.  I'm looking forward to it. Really great concept!

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