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  1. Uzuki

    How to create a Regen/Poison status like the ones in Slay The Spire?

    Hey everyone! I want to create a Regen/Poison status effect like the one in Slay The Spire. The way it works in that game is that when you say inflict Poison on an enemy, the poison does damage depending on the number inflicted. So say you play a card that inflicts 5 Poison to an enemy. On their...
  2. Uzuki

    Image not showing up in Animation tab

    Hey, everyone. I'm trying to use a black square or half-square for a camera shutter effect for a skill animation. The trouble is that the black parts don't show up in the animation tab in the database. Am I doing something wrong here?
  3. Uzuki

    What is the Script call to get the current inventory count?

    Hey everyone, due to some conflicting issues with some limit inventory plugins I've had to forgo using them in my current project, but due to the nature of how the game is supposed to be played, I would still like to limit how many items the player can carry with them. This can be achieved...
  4. Uzuki

    Has Anyone Here Use Juice FX For Their Project?

    Hey everyone, so I was wondering if anyone has used Juice FX, a pixel animation program, for their project? It says that the sprite animations can be exported as sprite sheets and thus can be used for any engine, but seeing as it's relatively new there hasn't been any pictures of what that looks...
  5. Uzuki

    Which Would You Prefer To Support A Game: Crowdfunding or

    So I'm getting closer to getting a Beta of my game up and now would be a good time to start looking into some crowdfunding options to cover some more expensive things for my game. So I have two options to go with: Kickstarter and On the one hand, Kickstarter will allow me to get all the...
  6. Uzuki

    FREE Recruiting Team For DEX: Strange Residence

    Genre: Survival Horror RPG Engine: RPG Maker MV Estimated Time of Release: October 2020 --- ~~~Synopsis & Overview~~~ It's an average night for the paranormal detective, Jovon Williams; head to the Fincher Supernatural Museum and exorcize the spirits inside. But this job is different. The...
  7. Uzuki

    RMMV DEX: Strange Residence (IGMC Demo)

    A manor turned museum? Is there more to the Fencer Manor then what meets the eye? Join the paranormal private investigator, Jovon Williams, as they go to investigate the attacks and disappearances at the Fencer Museum of The Supernatural and ends up in a sinister and tragic plot that goes...
  8. Uzuki

    Is There A Script Command To Check The Player's Current Speed?

    So what I want to do is make an conditional branch that checks what the player current speed is. Is there an script command or plugin that I can use?
  9. Uzuki

    How to activate an Counter Skill BEFORE taking damage? (MV)

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a issue with a skill I'm trying to set up. In my game shields replace counter attack skills and instead inflict the Guard state on the user and they will take less damage. The problem is that I can't get the counter skill to activate until after a character...
  10. Uzuki

    Button Press Timing Bar Plugin for MV

    Hey, everyone. So I've scoured the internet for a plugin that performs what I'm looking for but I haven't been able to find anything what I need. I'm looking for an way to display a bar on the screen with a cursor that moves back and forth on the bar when interacting with a event on the map...
  11. Uzuki

    Looking For Feedback On My "Story Mode" Setting

    In my game, Princess in a Bind, there are two modes that you will be able to pick from at the start of the game: Story Mode: Applies a buff that makes battles easier, certain enemy skills and mechanics won't be used to make battles faster and easier, Save anywhere not just in certain areas...
  12. Uzuki

    How To Enable/Disable An Option In Yanfly's Option Core Plugin For MV

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with blocking out an option in Yanfly's Option Core plugin. In my game I Have an Prepper mode and a Survivor mode. Survivor mode is the "normal" difficulty and is designed to be played as the way that I intended to, while Prepper mode can be classified as an...
  13. Uzuki

    Looking For A Receptionist Style Desk For RPG Maker MV

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a receptionist desk that you can commonly found in office buildings. Something in a similar vain as these:
  14. Uzuki

    How to add a state to an actor if a certain state is inflicted onto a enemy?

    So I want to add this constricting mechanic that when an actor uses a certain skill that stops the enemy from acting, but also the actor too. Adding the states isn't the issue, but removing them is where I'm getting the problem. I want it so that if another actor attacks the enemy, the enemy is...
  15. Uzuki

    What are some JRPGs with good combat tutorials?

    So I was working on my game and I finally got to the point where I discuss the battle mechanics. The issue (well more like an mental roadblock) is how do I describe it without sounding like every other rpg out there. It's not complex, but I don't want to do an generic "HP stands for health...
  16. Uzuki

    Classic Stat Names vs New Stat Names: Yay or Nay?

    So I'm working on the database and it kinda struck me how clashing the stat names are with my project. Seeing as the game is a post apocalyptic modern setting and although magic exists in this world, is weird to see plain ol' Magic Defense and Attack whenever I open the stat screen. I want to...
  17. Uzuki

    Problems reactivating Rpg Maker MV

    Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I didn't know where to exactly this should go, but this seemed like the best place. Several Weeks ago I had upgraded my desktop version of MV to 1.5.1 and was signed out. I try using my activation code but it said it wasn't valid. I sent...
  18. Uzuki

    How to check the user's state in RPG maker MV

    Hey everyone, this is super embarrassing to ask, but I'm using some custom formula's for skills that check if the user is inflicted with a certain state, but I don't know the javascript code for that. Can anyone help me out with that? Also it would be really helpful if you could point me to an...
  19. Uzuki

    Arcana Legends: Judgement [Demo]

                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Battlesystem & Mechanics~                           ...
  20. Uzuki

    YEP Enemy Levels and Percentages

    Hey everyone, I was wondering that if there was a way to use percentages in Yanfly's Enemy Level Plugin. Say instead of using the formula you want to increase the monsters MaxHP by 10% for every level. Is there a way to do this?

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