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  1. fluffymonster

    How do I use the search function in Common events?

    In Common Events, when I press the Find Shortcut, it pops up with the screenshot, but it didn't find any of the words I put. What does it look for exactly?
  2. fluffymonster

    Condition Branch: Items (not working)

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have an event set up that will check if you have an item in your inventory, activate a self switch, and run a common event that will have a list of items. I was having issues with the common event, so I added a condition switch to let me know if switches are...
  3. fluffymonster

    Hello! :D

    I'm new here and ever so curious on what the name (such as Villager) means. C: My favorite color is lilac and I really like wolves! I hope to get along. :kaohi:
  4. fluffymonster

    Locked Saves

    Hello. There doesn't appear to be an MV section in "Maker Specific," so I'm posting this here. How would I go about locking a play through to a specific save slot? I'm attempting to create an experience like Harvest Moon, My Time At Portia, etc. where you pick a slot and it saves it to that...

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