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    I'm sad... where is my name on the main topic? xD

    What the dialog writer do exactly? He writes all of the NPC's dialog, or writes the main ones too? (Sorry for the dumb question?) Maybe I can help in this one.
  3. Variable Calendar/Weather System

    It's okay. I'm gonna check and then I tell you what I've found.
  4. Variable Calendar/Weather System

    The answers for your questions: 1. The error happens when the game start, precisely in the moment when the map is gonna be shown. 2. Nothing, I only need to start the game and press new game to happen. 3. I'm using Khas Awesome Light Effects for sometimes changes the tone. But I've already...
  5. Variable Calendar/Weather System

    I'm using the stand alone version. The line 290 is: 284 #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 285 #=#Tone Related----------------------------------------------------------------- 286...
  6. Variable Calendar/Weather System

    I'm having this error: Script 'HM_Calendar' line 290: TypeError ocurred. Can't convert NilClass into tone Can you help me? Your script is awesome man!
  7. Amysaurus' Sprites!

    Man... so good! I'm certainly gonna use these haha! Thanks!
  8. Kurimaw's Closet (Always Updated)

    Could you make some spriteset of characters with modern clother? Some modern theme you know? Ah, and very good work man! Thank you for the effort!

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