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  1. DMJohn0X

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Booster Packs would be great.
  2. DMJohn0X

    Triple Triad

    So, did this proj die again?
  3. DMJohn0X

    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    So the issue is, I'd love to use this plugin for cut-scenes but if im understanding correctly, this plugin will entirely break any pixi.js plugin? And I use several of those in my main game.
  4. DMJohn0X

    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    Dread Nayak, this is amazing, but do you think you could add a switch of sorts to enable/disable the plugin? Im thinking itd be quite stunning to enable this for cutscenes, but go back to traditional 2d rendering after a cutscene ends.
  5. DMJohn0X

    Tactics System 0.6

    Pretty sure this plugin is dead. Dev hasnt been seen in 3+ months, the github for this plugin hasnt been updated in 5months. He could come back, I suppose... but for the most part, I wouldnt get your hopes up.
  6. DMJohn0X

    Immersion - [#13/10/2019] - 0.2.4

    Gotta prioritize what pays the bills, but I hope you dont drop this. <3
  7. DMJohn0X

    TF_Undulation.js You can walk stairs smooth!

    Man, I'd kill for this to be compatible with Altimit Pixel Movement.
  8. DMJohn0X

    [TWings] Trade Shop (Suikoden-like)

    Cant wait to try this. Thanks for your work. Im a huge Suikoden Fan.
  9. DMJohn0X

    Immersion - [#13/10/2019] - 0.2.4

    The per-pixel lighting effects are amazing! I'm super impressed. Can you change the color of the lighting and give it direction, etc? It'd be neat to have glow from an old CRT in the game
  10. DMJohn0X

    Trouble with creating a class trait.

    I managed to get this solved with some help from discord peeps on the discord. Everything works great except one glaring problem. My character is still taking damage on the overworld map. Is there a way with YEP_AutoPassiveStates to only turn on states in battle? Edit: Problem is...
  11. DMJohn0X

    Trouble with creating a class trait.

    Thats for an enemy though. I want to add this to a player class that activates automatically in combat.
  12. DMJohn0X

    Help with a Plugin/Scripting issue for my game (need Summon Fix and alternate code for side battler

    Yeah, SmeRndmDde abandonded RPGMaker. He seems busy with coding his own engines in C now. Im new myself, but ill try and take a look into that plugin.
  13. DMJohn0X

    Trouble with creating a class trait.

    So I now have 2 states. One is called Vampirism and the other is Necrotic. I want Necrotic to be on at the start of battle so long as hp is .3 of mhp, else I want Vampirism on. The code I tried (which doesnt work) is: <Custom Passive Condition> if (user.hp / user.mhp <= 0.3) {...
  14. DMJohn0X

    Problem Installing Doodads

    Got it working. Im daft as hell. Was following instructions from another plugin which had me copying a project folder. So I didnt realize how to add plugins. I assumed they automatically populated the plugin list on reload. But Im just dumb. Thanks guys. Sorry for the dumb question.
  15. DMJohn0X

    Problem Installing Doodads

    Is there any reason YEP_GridFreeDoodads isnt showing up in my plugins menu? Ive followed the video to install it, copied both folders, and have the pluging js file in my plugins folder. But its not there... Does it not work with 1.6+?
  16. DMJohn0X

    Okay so um, can anyone help me please with this Yanfly Main Menu thing? I want to make a new button!

    You realize the plugin is completely free, right? You may be new here and be a beginner, but getting upset over somebody giving you something for FREE and complaining their Tutorial doesnt handhold enough is beyond entitled. Everyone here understands the frustration of things not working or...
  17. DMJohn0X

    YEP_BuffsStatesCore Vampire State help

    Hi, I've currently got all of Yanfly's plugins installed. Ive been having a whole lot of fun with states and skills. But Im still a novice. I was hoping someone could assist me with what im trying to do. I have a Class system in the game. In it is a Vampire class. What I want to do, is to give...
  18. DMJohn0X

    Is there a way to cap the Chicken Knife?

    Thanks Poryg, I did test it and it seems to work like I thought. Good to know that the else statement is unneeded though.
  19. DMJohn0X

    Is there a way to cap the Chicken Knife?

    So, Following Yanfly's tutorial, I was easily able to recreate the fabled Chicken Knife from Final Fantasy. What Im wondering though, is i f there is a way to cap the weapon's attack so it doesnt infinitely scale. Is there an...
  20. DMJohn0X

    Small-ish quick adventure RPG FF6/7-like with an FF8 card system

    Are the stolen ragnarok assets placeholders?

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