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  1. Candacis

    Clicking on an item should open a small command window

    So, I'm trying to incorporate something into the item menu, but I don't know where to start. Could someone help me out? I want, if you click an item (or press enter), that a small command window opens, like right next to the item. I want to incorporate maybe 4 commands in a vertical list, but...
  2. Candacis

    Add Controls explanation to the options menu

    So, I searched a lot for this specific feature and I found a few plugins that add aditional stuff to the options menu, but not one has worked for me. What I'm looking for is a plugin that lets you add options to the options menu. Said options wouldn't change anything (guess I shouldn't call...
  3. Candacis

    How to set up a shell game

    Lesson description: As the title says, this teaches how to set up a shell game. This is a mini game where the player has to find a ball under moving cups again. DOWNLOAD Additional switches: Switch 25 = CandacisLecture1Done, Switch 26 = CandacisLecture1On Additional other things: Tileset 007...
  4. Candacis

    Looking for a camera plugin

    Hey, I'm looking for a camera plugin, that works with parallaxed maps, can smoothly zoom in/out and shift focus to specific coordinates and events. It should also have plugin commands, that make it so that an event can wait until the camera movement is finished. I found all this in...
  5. Candacis

    Combining and seperating items, like in an adventure

    I started this once for VX Ace, but that was a long time ago. Still, the idea stuck with me and I would like to try something similiar for MV. What is it about? I'm looking for a plugin in which I can combine items together. Not so much as a crafting plugin, but more like in adventures? Using...
  6. Candacis

    Candacis' Time Fantasy Additions

    TIME FANTASY ADDITIONS Terms of Use: Free for non-commercial. Message me, if you want to use the tiles in a commercial game. Right now it will be free, but I would like to keep track about who is using those tiles. Credits needed. Do not repost my originals without my permission. I did some...
  7. Candacis

    Move Up/Down Sideview Stairs

    Hey, I'm looking for a plugin that allows diagonal movement up and down on sideview stairs. I'm not looking for a movement plugin that always allows diagonal movement, just that the sprites can automatically go sideview stairs up and down, just holding left or right arrow key. There...
  8. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources for MV

    Candacis' Resources for MV Terms of Use: Free for commercial and non-commercial alike unless otherwise stated. But credits needed. Do not repost my originals without my permission. A4 Inside: I just wanted to post a quick 'an dirty edit I did for the Inside A4 top parts. I prefer to map with...
  9. Candacis

    MV Sprite+

    MV Sprite+ I'm sure a lot of people like the default MV sprites, but I wanted to offer an alternative to that, called sprite+. Those are a bit taller and have somewhat more realistic proportions while still remaining in the same style as the MV graphics, and still looking cute. Which is...
  10. Candacis

    Terms of Use for BasePack and CoverArt Characters?

    Hey, I now had finally the time to install MV and start looking through the additional resources. While the Essential Set had a very clear helpful EULA (thanks by the way), I can't find something similiar for the CoverArt Characters and the Base Resource pack. Does anyone from the official...
  11. Candacis

    Pop! contributions in Member+

    Since I got the feeling from several people, that they do not know that member+ even offers bonus resources, I thought I'd post it here, too. Vexed has already made several contributions to member+ bonus resources that are in the Pop! style. Here is a screenshot I did from Vexed latest August...
  12. Candacis

    Combining and seperating items

    Hey, I'm looking for a script in which I can combine items together. Not so much as a crafting script, but more like in adventures? Using two unique items together or seperating them again. I already tried to start with a script, where you have a new item menu (with bigger icons, too) and in...
  13. Candacis

    How to set up GIMP for a better workflow

    I like to use GIMP since it is free and pretty powerful, offering a lot of the same features that exist in Adobe Photoshop. But at the same time GIMP can be a bit clunky and unintuitive. You can minimize that and make your workflow faster, if you set up GIMPs preferences. First, I recommend this...
  14. Candacis

    Second Story size of the sprites?

    Did anyone buy the Second Story dlc and can tell me how big the new sprite bases are in regards to the vx/ace sprite size? Thanks!
  15. Candacis

    [Ace] Sprite drinking beer and eating

    Hey, I'm looking for two behaviour animation for Vx/Ace sprites One is drinking beer. Either sideways or frontview. Preferably with the beer mug found in the inside default tileset C. The other one is a sprite eating, for instance the pie from the same tileset. I don't care which sprite it is...
  16. Candacis

    Buttons in Mini Dance Game not working

    Hey, so I'm pretty much stuck at an event I'm trying to do. I want to have a little dance minigame. Basically arrow or spacebar pictures will be shown and if the player presses the corresponding key correctly, the player moves and you get 1 point. The big problem I have now, is that the button...
  17. Candacis

    Icons for Choice Options

    Hey, I'm looking for a script that lets me use icons for the show choices options. In my little project I want to use only icons as dialogue and because of that I'm looking for a nice way to present icons as a choice. I found the RMDC #2 Choice Pictures challenge very inspiring, but I was...
  18. Candacis

    [Ace] Change BGM in Schala Battle System

    Hey, I'm working with the Schala Battle System by Moghunter, but I'm having some difficulties with it. Right now, whenever a battle starts a battle music plays, but I haven't found anything in the scripts where to change which music is playing. Only the option to switch off the battle music...
  19. Candacis

    Looking for war helmet for vx/ace sprite

    Hey,   I'm looking for a war helmet for vx/axe sprites. Something like this: or could also be more modern: I haven't found something like this yet, don't know, if someone knows if this already exists or is willing to help me out and make it. Little burned out myself with resource making...
  20. Candacis

    Problem with big icon script part

    Hey, so I used a script for displaying big icons from this thread: But I'm having problems properly displaying the big icons. They just won't align with the selection part. It looks all weird and I don't know how to fix...

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