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  1. Nuclear Mosquito

    Nuclear Mosquito's Development Diary (A Deadly Understanding's sequel)

    Hey guys So I'm busy with a new game project and I've decided to start doing a development diary for a few reasons. I'll be posting episodes of the dev diary here, so if you find the first episode interesting, just keep an eye on the thread. The project itself is the sequel to my 2014 Indie...
  2. Nuclear Mosquito

    Uplifting a depressed mood through epicness

    So lately I've been going through a tough time. Things get depressing really fast due to certain factors. Lately I've find something that just lifts my mood whenever I listen to it, so I thought I'd share it. I hope that somebody finds some benefits from this. Also please share the things that...
  3. Nuclear Mosquito

    Historic RPG games

    So for my 100th post I wanted to share something special with you guys. I hope that you enjoy it: If you've been keeping an eye on my posts you'd notice that I use a lot of Extra Credits' videos as explanations or advice. That is because I agree with them on a lot of things. Recently they've...
  4. Nuclear Mosquito

    Where are all the good parallaxing tutorials

    Hey guys. So far I've basically taught myself parallax mapping by just playing around with some scripts, but I have this intense nagging feeling that I'm doing it wrong. Are there any good parallax mapping tutorials out there? So far I've only found some really bad ones on Youtube.
  5. Nuclear Mosquito

    What is MACK and what is the Mack style

    Ok, so this is a fairly stupid question, but what is MACK? Firstly, hold your horses apple fans, this does not concern you... I know MACK is a style of RPG Maker character that is two tiles high instead of one, but I've seen people use the term to describe art styles and a few other things that...
  6. Nuclear Mosquito

    Where to upload your games and where to post it

    So the title is fairly self explanatory, but I want to know where I can upload games I make with RPG Maker and where can I post them where other people can see them and get to play them. I know the RPG Maker Forums is already a good place to do so, but please mention other sites as well that...
  7. Nuclear Mosquito

    Is point and click the run and gun of puzzle games?

    So I might have made a bit of a misleading title, but there is a reason for it. So for the past IGMC I've made a puzzle adventure game (Think very bad Secret of monkey island made in rpg maker) and I've noticed a peculiar thing. When it comes to these puzzle games a lot of designers tend to...
  8. Nuclear Mosquito

    And so the addiction begins

    As of today I feel that I've acquired a specific addiction/dedication to this forum, so I'll finally introduce myself. My real name is classified, but you may call me the Nuclear Mosquito (There is a weird reason for that name). I've become involved with RPG Maker during the 2014 IGMC event and...
  9. Nuclear Mosquito

    Using other people's scripts in your games (Possibly commercial)

    Hey guys I really hope I'm asking this in the correct place, but sorry if i place it in the wrong forum. So I have a question about using other people's scripts. What is the normal convention here about using other people's scripts in your games that you might consider selling for money? I'm...
  10. Nuclear Mosquito

    Contest Result Announcement Delay Discussions

    Hey guys Now before you start slamming that keyboard, please read the rules to this thread: Rules: Thou shalt no flame, troll, spam or speak with malicious intent to anyone involved with this post or anyone connected to RPG Maker in any way. This is a civilized discussion, please use this...
  11. Nuclear Mosquito

    A Deadly Understanding

    Hey guys. So I've completed my game for the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest. I've made this thread for discussion of the game, so please feel free to post a review. You could also just say what you liked about it or didn't like about it. (No need to vote for the game on the contest) As it was my...

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