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  1. exoticrings

    I never got an answer to my tech support call

    i bought my copy of RPG VX from discount buyer 2 months ago. I have a valid serial number. How do I register it with this site?
  2. exoticrings

    [ Mapping ] Luchi-chan's Valley Mapping Tutorial

    Thank you I learned much
  3. exoticrings

    My 1st OFFICIAL game: need some advice

    I have a good idea about my 1st game. Im using VX regular. I have made lots of graphics that are unique, but i struggle with a few things im sure many here can help me with. Mapping designs: Im curious into parralex mapping, but never tried to much. I read tutorials and it seems decent My...
  4. exoticrings

    If i am not treated with respect by others... IM OUT!

    This site seemed cool at first. after being slandered and harassed.. im not liking it. Tell people i am who i say or I am out.
  5. exoticrings

    Dragon Quest 4 tilesets converted to VX format.

    I am converting tiles from Dragon Quest 4 SNES edition to a VX format. thy will be free to use. here is a sample. :)
  6. exoticrings


    here are some templates i found
  7. exoticrings

    I'd like to to right music for you.

    MUSIC FOR YOUR GAMES These are samples off my last record. But i have experience in soundtrack work. The Arrival.mp3 03 Ancient Interstate.mp3 08 Apocolypse Fruit.mp3 I do all genres.. old and new. I am a professional engineer and musician. I am elite at what I do.
  8. exoticrings

    MUSIC ALBUM: Band of Spirits

    i am a pro musician. i want o make music packs. 03 Ancient Interstate.mp3
  9. exoticrings


    I am a pro musician. i want o make this site some money buy making music packs. here is a quick sample attacjed is another song 08 Apocolypse Fruit.mp3
  10. exoticrings

    Remember posiened tiles from Dragon warrior 1? How to make?

    Hi I want to make it so when a certain tile is walked over it does slight damage to you and tints the screen for a second. I can't figure out how!
  11. exoticrings

    Looking for expert VX artist for PAID COMMISSION

    I want to work with an original artist on PAID material I can use commericially in the form of VX methods and standards. here is a demo of something i made: to show the quality im looking for>>>>

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