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  1. Aurom2014

    MV Damage POP UP issues

    MV Version is 1.6.2 Yanfly Core Engine and Battle Engine, for POP UP plugins i got none at the time, since I usd LGP better DMG Pop up plug-in, and still got the same result... numbers showing behind the first 2 actors
  2. Aurom2014

    MV Damage POP UP issues

    Grettings, I'm having some issues with MV damage pop up, I was testing out my game so far, and found that "pop ups" in the first two sideview actors were kinda bug.. TOP Actor gets its "pop ups" behind him 2nd Actor (from top to bottom) gets its pop ups behind him and blurry, like it were...
  3. Aurom2014

    Custom Game Over behavior

    I try it again, and i got a similar error this time is "Cannot read property 'width' of undefined" also, i did what you say with the YEP console. here's the error description: TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of undefined     at Scene_Gameover.rescaleImageSprite (YEP_CoreEngine.js:843)...
  4. Aurom2014

    Custom Game Over behavior

    This is excatly what I need. I try it, but I got an error.... if I Set "Show Game Over Scene" to FALSE, a TypeError comes into play: "Cannot read property 'bitmap' of undefined" Any idea why it happend?
  5. Aurom2014

    2H Weapons Issues

    Sorry, im away from my pc. Its dificult from my phone to copy the whole script... here is what i got.
  6. Aurom2014

    2H Weapons Issues

    Im using YEM equip engine.
  7. Aurom2014

    I wish I could understand D:

    I wish I could understand D:
  8. Aurom2014

    2H Weapons Issues

    Hi everyone! Gotta question for you guys, is there a chance that i can get 2h weapon Icon to appear at the shield slot as well? something like that... (worst edition award goes to...) Thanks, and cya ;) (of course, my main languaje is not english... sorry... hope u understand)

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