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  1. Skill Puzzle

    When the player kills an enemy, they get a torn piece of paper. If they collect enough of the papers, they can learn a new skill from them. What I want is that when they click on skills in the menu, the number of different papers they have shows, and if they have a complete set, then it goes...
  2. Battle Wheel/Scroll Attack

    So I was wondering if someone could make a script that would make the players click at a certain time to attack. At a certain point on the wheel/line, wherever they clicked (or pressed enter) would be a miss, an attack, or a critical attack. I want something like this: Or this: Is this...
  3. Switch not turning on

    So here is the event: What is happening is that the switch 2 is not turning on after I talk to him. Help?
  4. Monster face sets

    So I was looking around the internet, and I cannot find any monster face sets that I need. I am looking for a spider, scorpion, and hornet face set. Can someone create some?
  5. Basic Options Menu by Vlue Problem

    So I downloaded Vlue's script: When I put it in my script manager and played my game, it didn't even show up on my title screen. Help?
  6. Making a Training Battle

    So I found this other topic that is pretty much exactly what I want at: When I follow their instructions, it doesn't work for me. Also I do not get variables and how to do those. Can someone please help me with...
  7. Rpg Maker Vx Ace: How to add a command to the title screen

    I am kind of new to the game making business and I was wondering how I could add a command to the title screen. So, after New Game and Continue, I want to be able to put Controls and then when you click on it, it will take you to the list of controls. Is there a kind of script or something for...

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