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  1. HuntingSwan

    HP Bars in Menu Decreasing from Bottom

    Hi guys, I'm using the vertical hp bar option in my game.  Here's a screenshot of what my menu looks like: http:// The problem occurs when my characters lose HP.  The bars start decreasing from the BOTTOM and not the top, so it ends up looking like this: http:// I tested this in a blank...
  2. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    Hi guys, I have a scripting problem I can't resolve. I'm using Theo's sideview battle system, and have implemented a combo system where the player can chain together various attacks. However, reaching a combo of 16 hits will crash the game with a 'system stack error - stack level too deep'. I...
  3. HuntingSwan

    Shadow Fate

        Welcome to the Shadow Fate demo page!   I thought I would post this project here, as I am busy with another game at the moment and wanted to make some progress with this one as well.   Experience turn based rpg combat with side view chibi style battlers!   Enjoy the dark yet humorous story...
  4. HuntingSwan

    [IGMC 2015] Kazimir

    The red mafia.     Russian organized crime.     Its sophistication and savagery have earned it a fearsome reputation even among the darkest recesses of society.   Kazimir Riazanov stands entrenched.  Caught in a spiral of never ending violence and brutality. But when the undead rise, and...
  5. HuntingSwan

    HuntingSwan Twitch Stream

    Hi guys!  I stream RPG Maker games every day at around 1PM GMT.   Follow me and help me give the creators a range of opinions on their game. Hope to see you there!
  6. HuntingSwan

    Bogus Journey

    Is your life a little too normal?  Does the everyday, run-of-the-mill RPG leave you cold? Well then, it's time to get Bogus! WARNING - This game has mature content and language. STORY The game has two main characters - Reepal 'Rip' Parbhoo, and Aris Bakhtanians.  They are two avid players of...

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