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  1. crowhound

    What in game UI customization options would you want?

    Alright so here is my question for everyone on the forums, if someone was to make a UI script for the menus in game what would you like to be able to customize. I mean for RPG Maker MV. Examples Placement of all the HUD Background images Have animations of some type. Examples are...
  2. crowhound

    Gates of Elmeria

    Demo Should be Ready by June 2nd   Hello everyone my name is Jonathan Westfall and I would like to share a project I have started to work on: Gates of Elmeria Summary The story takes place on the world of Elensa. Elensa was blessed by the gods of the heavens. Elensa is a world...
  3. crowhound

    Self Progress Art Thread

    Well art is a very new area to me. Saying this I have decided to make a thread to keep track of my progress.  I will be mainly attempting logo and stylized text art. The reason being I need to make a title screen for a game I am working on. So here is my first try a a stylized text also my...
  4. crowhound

    Title Screen Logo

    I was wondering if anyone can make me a logo for my title screen. The logo should say Gates of Elmeria. The style that I was wanting resembles the style used in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Here is a reference image If it is possible can someone put gears behind the...
  5. crowhound

    What tools do you guys use when making a project?

    Hey guys I thought I would start a little thread for people to start sharing what tools they use when making their games. Not only tools, but where you find nice resources to use for commercial and non-commercial use. I am hoping this will help people make the game of their dreams. For this...
  6. crowhound

    Scene_MenuBase Subclass question?

    So I was just wondering is Scene_Title a subclass of Scene_MenuBase. The reason why I ask is because when I was testing what all I could do with the rpg_scenes I came across a behavior I did not expect. I was testing out creating a custom sprite based particle system for every different screen...

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