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  1. gotnovicks

    Change Selling price

    Hey guys! I'm making a plugin that changes the price of an weapon/armor according it's basis params (HP, MP, ATK, DEF, etc). I already made the buying price, now I'm struggling to make the selling price. I'm still getting the price on database, not the new price altered by my plugin. can...
  2. gotnovicks

    Add/Remove items or exp from actor INDEX not ID

    Hey Guys! In my game there'll be missions or dungeons where the player will have to choose 4 other actors to complete them. I want to add/remove some equips or Exp/Lv from these actors without making a huge conditional branch (I have 10 actors now, and I'm planning to make some more). I...
  3. gotnovicks

    Trigger Event on Click

    Hi guys! I don't know if I can make it though the engine itself or if I'll need a plugin for it... I just want to trigger an event when the player clicks on it. > The event is just a board that shows a text "Hi." > When you click on it, the player has to WALK to that tile, and then, the...
  4. gotnovicks

    Consecutives Hits = Lower/Higher Damage

    Hi! I want4ed to make skills that when used consecutives times against the same target, it deals more or less damage, applying also to random multi-hit skills. Examples: > A skill that deal 10 hits in random targets, but consecutives hits on the same target will deal 10% less damage...
  5. gotnovicks

    Battle Scene HUD

    Hey! I was looking for some script that modifies Battle Scene HUD to something like these: Equipments are visible in battle; Skills are shown with icons and a max of 6 skills (Attack and Guard are skills tho) When it selected it shows name, description and skill's cost like: When actor is...
  6. gotnovicks

    Skill Levels

    Hey (again). I' looking for a simple Skill Levels script. The skill may level with points or with uses (don't need to be both). But, I'm looking for some script that does not rises the skill's damage automatcly (I saw some scripts that makes skills damages rise by a X% per skill level). I...
  7. gotnovicks

    Thornmail / Reflect damage

    Hi! I'm looking for a script that makes an armor (or make a state) that reflects damage when attacked. !! It's different from Counter-Attack or Skill Reflect !! Also, the reflect may be a % and/or a formula (make the user reflect more damage with more DEF), and may works only if attacks or...
  8. gotnovicks

    Aura bonus/buffs/states + non-player Summons

    Hi! 1. Aura bonus/buffs/states: basically, a state/buff that affects all other actors (or enemies, or the actor above you or 2 random enemies...) granting them the same buff/state.  2. Non-Player Summons: like the Summons of Ragnarok's class Sorcerer; they don't have commands themselves, the...
  9. gotnovicks

    Comparing two or more variables

    Hi! In the begining my game, there's a small questionary to setup the main actor's personality. It's something very simple, consists in a few question and each answers add some value to one of 4 variables. At the end I try to compare to see which variable has the higher value, defining the...
  10. gotnovicks

    Yanfly's Skill Core Lunatic tags

    Hi! (sorry for my bad english btw) I'm confused with how do I use the "Lunatic Mode" note tags in Skill Core plugin. Basically, my skills absorbs damage but not the entire damage (so I don't want to use the innate function in formula box), only a % that increases according of users LUK. So...
  11. gotnovicks

    [ACE] Yanfly JP Manager Level up gain formula

    Hey guys :) The JP Manager script (Yanfly) gives to the actor a flat/integer value on level up. Is there any way to make the script to give JP on level up by a formula? Like in lower levels it gives a lwo value of JP and in higher levels it gives a high amount.
  12. gotnovicks

    Crafting Tree

    Hey! I'm looking for some script for crafting, but with a customized window, just like this: I know there is a lot of crafting scripts, but, if it's possible, i want one that I can customize the windows like the img above :c  It only needs to have the icons of required items, and intead of...
  13. gotnovicks

    Custom Skill Resources (like MP and TP)

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a script that makes custom resources to different actors/classes. Like a Warrior class that uses a Fury bar and the Summoner class has Summon Points. So, what I want: Custom resources names and color bars Disabling other resources (if Warrior has Fury it won't...

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