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  1. Bighoncho's SV Animated Battlers (enemies and actors)

    Terms of Use: Free for commercial or non-commercial game. No credit is require. You are allow to edit battlers for your own game. Not allowed to redistribution for resale. Game making is an arduous journey. I wished all happy game making and Good Luck! I have made 3 packs of sv animated...
  2. custom battler not breathing ..

    Hi, I made a custom actor battler the 9x6 etc everything is showing nicely but the battler is not breathing .. why is that?
  3. my javascript to deduct gold not working..

    Hi, The code is to check if actor have the 100 gold required, display message if not enough gold and if enough gold, play a SE and deduct the gold. If the actor have the gold, it will deduct it. But it will not check for not enough gold and not display message and instead carry on to allow...
  4. Enemy move to attack player in battle?

    Hi, is it possible to make enemy moves to attack player during battle? I know this can be done for player using action sequences but what about npc? This is what I am talking about if you are not sure.. just the first 5 seconds of the video is what I am talking about. The video is taken from...
  5. Chinese animation and tileset

    Terms of Use: Free for commercial and no commission use. I do not require credit for my resources. Feel free to edit and make changes. Do not claim the resources as your own after edit or changes. Some of the tileset were meant for my own game, but I gave up.. it simply takes too much time and...
  6. Octopath Traveler alike colors?

    Hi, sometimes I feel that rpg maker graphic color are too bright. Does anybody have any idea of dimming graphics like Octopath Traveler graphic?
  7. why people make separate .json for actors?

    Hi, I know some people make separate .json for actors. Why is that? Shouldn't they all be store inside actors.json inside data folder? Thanks
  8. how to move a picture left to right ..

    Hi, I need to make a picture showing the interior of a train moving. I need to make the picture move slowly to the left and right, left and right as if the train is moving .. I tried using move picture but it didn't work .. am I doing it wrong? should I use some camera plugin instead? Thanks!
  9. where to make changes for leveling stats?

    Hi, when a character levels from 1 to 2 to 5 etc.. there is a certain number of HP, Mana and skills added. Where do I make changes to how much HP, Mana and stats to add when a character levels up? I can't seems to find it.. Thanks!
  10. Using animation on a sprite..

    Hi I know it is possible to use animation on actors. I am trying to make smoke animation at the back of a car but the animation appear in the middle of the car.. is there anyway to solve it. Thanks
  11. how do I convert mv resource to vx ace?

    Hi! I own both MV and VX ACE. I know there is a neat rtp scaler to convert from mv to vx ace. But how do I convert mv's 48x48 to 32x32? I have photoshop cs 6. Do I just reduce the size by %? if so, bt how many % should I reduce? Thanks!
  12. How to show text with animation during cutscene

    Hi, I am trying to make a cut scene where a hero execute a skill with animation to destroy enemy. The hero does a lightning skill animation and I would like to display a text Lightning Punch beside the animation.. how can I do it? I have seen someone does it before and it is not using the the...
  13. my steam rmmv only update to 1.6.0

    Hi, I click the beta tab of rmmv in steam and it only allow update to 1.6.0 and not 1.6.1 .. anybody else have the same problem?' Nvm.,. i just entered the code openbetatestbranch and it show 1.6.0 now. Pls ignore
  14. animated laundry

    Hi, I am looking for some animated laundry hanging on between two sticks and a string in between. I found some of it but it is not animated. I think it would be more realistic since if the laundry is place outdoor.
  15. Moghunter chrono engine

    Hi, is there anybody else using Moghunter's chrono engine.. Is it possible to add conditional branch or set a switch after the battle if we win or lose? just like we are able to do in normal side view battle. Thanks in Advance.
  16. Another Thief found for MV...

    I found a Thief at Steam's workshop. His username is: Setya Novanto. He posted a "Real Time Battle System Plugin" in RPG MAKER MV's workshop section. He even upload the game to google play and encourage people to download and play. He also setup a asking for donations for work that does...
  17. chrono mode troop vs troop fight possible?

    I am thinking for moghunter's chrono engine for MV, is it possible to setup fight between troop vs troop? i am not talking about cutscene, but when 2 group of troop met, it will start a battle in chrono mode..
  18. display sun ray picture without interupting autorun

    Hi, I use event "show picture" to display a sun ray picture on upper left corner of the map and set it as "parallel" on map1 but when my character transfer to other maps, the sun ray picture is still displaying.. why is that? the other maps does not have the show picture event on them. I tried...
  19. any plan for chinese theme pack?

    I have purchased almost of of PV pack, they are good especially with the new character generator software. I am thinking if PV have any plan for chinese soldiers war pack? there are too many medieval stuff already.
  20. Cannot add more character to Chrono Engine...

    Hi, Have anybody manage to add new character to Moghunter's Chrono Engine? I tried to add some new characters to Chrono Engine via System but the new character did not show like it normally would on a normal MV project. If you manage to add.. could you kindly offer some help pls :)

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