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  1. ThisIsRavi

    [RPGVXA] Customizable actor graphic size display in the menu.

    Well, Im not used in scripting so I can't make a script for the Menu to show the full Actors graphic the default size of a Actors graphics is displayed 96x96 and i want to somehow adjust it to 240x360.
  2. ThisIsRavi

    [TSBS] Help!!

    The main problem is I use the stable version which is 0.13c(correct me if im wrong) in order: -Basic Module -Instruction -Config 1 -Config 2 -Implementation -Kaduki Add -on I take on kaduki's sprite as a test and renamed it Eric_1, Eric_2 and Eric_3 but it s Graphics in test battle doesn't...
  3. ThisIsRavi

    [RPGmaker to iOs] Some Ruby script.

    Hey Guys, can someone help me with this one, im very desperate about this thing ;_; <link removed by moderator> Thanks in advance :)

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