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  1. EseQueL

    How to randomize traits?

    So I found out the code for giving traits to an item, which is: item.traits.push({"code":21, "dataId":2, "value":1.10}) --> this will give +10% ATK trait to the item However, I'm struggling to make it so the value given is random from +5% to +10% and the dataID to random 0 to 7. So the question...
  2. EseQueL

    Yanfly Item Upgrade slots - confusion with item type

    Here's what I want to happen: I have 2 weapons. An Epic Sword and a Rare Sword. I want the item "Epic Stone" to be able to upgrade the Epic Sword only and the "Rare Stone" to upgrade the Rare Sword only. How will I set this up? Also... is it just me or using the notetag <Type: string> will...
  3. EseQueL

    RMMV Ascendants of the East (4v4 Battle Arena Mobile Game)

    FREE DOWNLOAD HERE - Google Play Link: Hello everyone, I made a free trial version of my new mobile game. It's a 4v4 turn-based battle arena! My focus in this game is to have unique characters with complex abilities and...
  4. EseQueL

    Ascendants of the East (Mobile Game)

    DOWNLOAD HERE - Google Play Link: Price: $0.99 Hello everyone, I am back with a new mobile game. This time, it is a 4v4 turn-based battle arena! My focus in this game is to have unique characters with complex...
  5. EseQueL

    How to hide battle hud except the action display?

    I'm using yanfly's action sequence and whenever I hide battle hud, it also hides the battle logs at the top. How can I make it so it still display the action being made while hiding the battle hud?
  6. EseQueL

    How to force enemy to flinch?

    When poison ticks, I want the enemy to flinch similar to when they are damaged (the damaged motion). I tried searching the web but no luck @.@
  7. EseQueL

    Ascendants: Power Rising (Also Available on Google Play)

    Google Play Link (currently on 70% Discount!): Story: The long-lost ascendants are back. But what is this? They are an enemy now? They even ascended themselves! Discover what lies beyond this mystery. Collect all the...
  8. EseQueL

    Most stable version for mobile?

    What's the most stable version of crosswalk and RMMV for Android Deployment? I'm using Crosswalk and RMMV 1.3.4 and I'm still having screen freezes and lag. If I update RMMV greater than 1.3.4, the game will turn into a bug-fiesta in mobile so I'm not updating. Haven't tried...
  9. EseQueL

    [Help] What does this error mean?

  10. EseQueL

    Best free Program/Website to compress music?

    I am creating an android game but it's currently over the 100mb limit. I definitely need to compress the music as it's taking up around 60mb. I tried free online music converters but some bgm increased in size after converting them to 128 kbps and mono. The drop in quality is also noticeable. So...

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