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  1. Silver's Dash Stamina

    This is Perfect, works like a charm! The new plugin commands are exactly what I needed, thanks a lot Silver!
  2. Silver's Dash Stamina

    Sorry for being a pain! Using the console I see that the variable is changing, the problem I'm running into is that it's not reflecting in the Stamina Bar, nor is it recharging back to normal. Example: MAX Stamina = 300. When I dash it works perfectly and reflects in the bar, variable...
  3. Silver's Dash Stamina

    Thanks for the quick update! It now lets me get into the game, but I still can't get the variable to work, it just acts as if they are unrelated. I have a very primitive ABS system, and I'd like it to remove stamina when melee attacking. Basically using "Control Variable" Sub 30 from the...
  4. Silver's Dash Stamina

    When I try to use the Variable option in the plugin I receive an errror saying "Cannot read property 'dashStamina' of null". It happens both in my game and in your demo, so I'm pretty sure I messed something up when I updated my RPGMV, any chance you know what that could be?
  5. Silver's Dash Stamina

    Is there a way to reduce the stamina manually through script or plugin commands? I see you can do it through items, but I would like to do it through an event
  6. Character Generator Help!

    You the man!  I didn't want to reinstall in fear of losing all my data
  7. Character Generator Help!

    When trying to add parts to the generator, I messed up my Female folders.  My Male folders are working fine, but when trying to create a female model nothing populates, even the default images!  I'm not sure if this is the correct place to request this, but can anyone upload the default...
  8. Actors Friendship System

    Ugh... Moogle.  I can only love you so much. Stop. (Don't actually stop)
  9. Actors Friendship System

    I'm slightly confused about the items tags.  Is it possible to use an item on an actor and then the recipient gains FP?  The note tags in the Help show that you have to specify an actor beforehand, am I reading that wrong?  LOVE the plugin Moogle!
  10. Djinn System (+demo)

    Great script man!  Only problem I've run into is that whenever I use a Djinn (haven't gotten into summons yet), the animation plays twice.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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