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  1. DeathByGames

    Sprite Animation Help

    (Ok, I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct area, but I believe I am so sorry in advance.) My problem lies with the script I'm using. I am using Galv's Character Animations script which can be found here. The script uses the different charsets in RPG Maker VX's sprites to have...
  2. DeathByGames

    What Font Should I Use?

    Okay, I'm am throwing together a demo for my next project and I need help choosing which font I should use. I need a font that doesn't look too silly, but at the same time is not to serious. The game itself is not going to be typical a RPG, (Maybe not even an RPG) so I don't want a really fancy...
  3. DeathByGames

    Custom Save & Title Pictures

    So I am working to make as unique of a title screen as I can. One problem that has occurred to me though, is the normal title screen option box. I have this relocated to a different side of the screen, but I would like it if it was without the window skin border. I would also love it if the "New...
  4. DeathByGames

    Custom Changeable Title Screen

    Hey everyone, I am here to request a script.  I don't know if this is possible, but I hope it is, as it will add a lot to my game, and many others. What I want is a title screen that is very similar to the game "Blank Dream." The game has the three options on the left over a black background...
  5. DeathByGames

    How to Make "Exit Game" and "Load File" Through events

    I am working on an game, where I am not using the default title screen, but a custom one through events. I have everything worked out, except for the scripts. I need a script that will shut the game down after a few "Show Picture"/s (Shutdown like if you pres Alt-F4, not the Quit game scene) and...
  6. DeathByGames

    Script Not Pasting

    So I was trying to use the menu script I found in another forum, for my RPG Maker XP game. I tried pasting it in my script editor, and it wouldn't paste. I believe it was because the the script wasn't numbered for each line, but I could be wrong. Here is the forum. Help Please!
  7. DeathByGames

    Game Over Screen?

    I am currently developing a game and I need help choosing which Game Over Screen to use. Help. I made these, so please don't use them for any commercial games.

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