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  1. InBlast

    Yanfly Lunatic's damage display problem

    Hey !  I have a trouble with making a pretty simple poison effect. In my game, I have an assassin who is able to equip poison. The equipped poison grant a passive state to the assassin, and this passive state do something in battle. My problem is with one of these poison. The goal is to...
  2. InBlast

    Permission problem when running

    Hello fellow RPG makers ! I'm trying to make an APK of my project to test it on an android device.  I installed all the required files, I checked all the path in the console, everything seems ok. But when I run the  python C:\crosswalk-\
  3. InBlast

    Running an event at the end of battle

    Hi people ! I'm searching a plugin which would allow me to run a common event at the end of each battle, whenever it's a win, a loss or an espace.  I saw something like this before, but I can't find it now, and the research function don't bring me what I want. Does someone know a plugin...
  4. InBlast

    Sealed : The Opening

    Back to work   :P I will not update this post before a long time. The reason is I switch the language to french, to make it easier to write the dialogues. I will probably traduce it into english if I finish it. Hi my fellow RPG Makers !  I'm coming here to present you my actual project ...
  5. InBlast

    Games won't start

    Hello fellow RPG makers ! I have an annoying problem : RPG Maker's game don't start on my main computer (using W10) I tried with MV and VX Ace's games. When I double clic to launch the game, W10 say to me it's dangerous because he don't know the autor blablabla. I chose to start it anyway...
  6. InBlast

    [FULL] Free tester on duty !

    Hello fellow RPG makers !  I would like to know better what can be done with RPG maker. What's better than testing games to see that !  What I offer :  A free testing, with a real critic, bug report, or anything else you want. I will give you the report as soon as I can, depending of...
  7. InBlast

    Dark square above monsters with custom iconset

    Hi everyone ! I have a little trouble. I just changed my iconset to a bigger one. I let the iconset from MV at the top of this new one to not change all the icons I already have assigned to speels or items. But, with this new iconset, I get an error in the console and a black square above the...
  8. InBlast


    Hello fellow RPG makers =) Do you like when, in games, there is some optionnal things which rewards you for exploration ? for exemple, hidden lore information, or some dongeons which are not used by quest. To remuse, do you like exploring a world when you know there will be rewards for...
  9. InBlast

    Berserker V1.02

    IB_Berserker V1.02 Autor : InBlast Hey everyone ! I'm a beginner at making plugins, and this is one of my first :P I hope you will like it, don't hesitate to leave a comment =) Description This plugin allow you to set an actor as a berserker =) Nice right ? At first, i wanted a...
  10. InBlast

    Changing how to battle happens during the game

    Hey ! Let me have your opinion on this =) The current game i'm working on will be on 2 parts :  First, a "normal" medieval part, with no magic or strange monsters. Just some humans and an original background, of course. WIth that, all the encounters will be evented (no random battles when...
  11. InBlast

    Damage formula using Yanfly's Lunatic

    Hey everyone ! I would like to make a skill that increase its damages each time it's used. I'm not used at all with JS (i just look a little at some script's syntax to try to find why it isn't working) and after some research and few try, i can't make it works.  Actually, i have something like...
  12. InBlast

    Perks passive buffs

    Hey ! I plan on making a perk system in my game. In this perk system, you will be able to use perks point to obtain utility skills/permissions or passive buff. SO, i'm here to ask you : In RPG games, when you have to depense perks points to obtain a passive buff, do you prefer having a lot of...
  13. InBlast

    2 times skills

    Hello !  I would like to have your science guys ! I want to make a skill which allow you to have two differents effects on two differents targets :  First, you select the first target. The skill save all the states of the target. Then, you select another target, and all the states are copied...
  14. InBlast

    Boosting damages when low HP

    Hey everyone !  I'm trying to make a Berserker class, with increased damages When the HP are low. The dream would be to add 1% damage on every attack for each 2% of HP lose. I tried to make a paralled event which change the physical damages deals by an actor if he have less than 80/60/40/20% of...
  15. InBlast

    Questions about creating a talent tree

    Hello ! I'm currently creating a talent tree for my game. To do this, i use a special map and a special actor with a cursor skin. Everything works well, it's nice. But i have few problems. I would like to disable the menu while in the talent tree, because if you open it, you can see the...
  16. InBlast

    InBlast's Talent selector

    Hello everyone, this is my first ressource here ! For my game, i wanted to use a talent tree that could update my party members, and allow them to use utilitary skills.   So, i made a map and a character skin, and i use them as a talent tree and cursor.   I give you that cursor, in case of...
  17. InBlast

    Opening of a crack

    Hello ! I have a little problem. I'm trying to do the opening of a crack during an earthquake.  To do this, i use 2 event (one for the bottom andone for the top of the crack) with 3 tabs, and each tab has the image of one state of the crack.  Actually, i use as condition for these events a...
  18. InBlast

    A little bad hamster has join the party !

    Hello ! I'm InBlast and i'm new here =) I'm a 21 years old fench engineering student. Yes, i like snails. I love creating stories and RPG maker allow me to give life to it ! I started RPG maker with VX. Then, i had some work with VXA. Now i have MV, and i started some weeks ago to create a...
  19. InBlast

    Player's headquarters

    Hello everyone ! I'm coming to you to discuss about the headquarters in games : it's a base for your party, that can haddle some features, likes books, trophies, upgradables production systems, etc... Also, if you have a lot of characters, they can be here when you don't take them with you...
  20. InBlast

    DoTs mechanic

    Hello everyone !  It's my first post here, so i will make a little presentation before the main topic. I'm InBlast, actually an engineering student. I have no intention of making commercial games or anything like that. I love making games because it's fun to me.  I said it. It's a small...

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