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  1. luizcubas

    Needing help to check the english grammar of this message

    Hey guys. I'm kinda very bad at writing in english, but I need to add a initial message in my game. Could a kindly soul help me check if the grammar of the below message it's correct?:rswt2:
  2. luizcubas

    Javascript Hint for Class and Inheritance

    Hello guys. I see that a lot of peoples are concerned about the change of the language from to ruby to JS, and how to program with class and inheritance with JS. Well, there are N workarounds that you can implement similar OOP with javascript, the most flexible language that I already seen...

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So the overhaul on my project has been going great, I like this version of the project a lot more. It's more contained and less overly ambitious for what I can achieve given my constraints on time, money, and skills in advanced programming. I'm going to wait till my project is mostly finished to begin working UI polish again. I'm going to learn how to use LUNA MV to polish the project.
last time i used this site i was a different gender.. wow rlly makes u think... anyway transing ur gender is pretty cool and theres hair growing on my feet now 10/10
I should have listened to RPGMAKER Meme thread. I should have backed up my data. The Orphan of Time, my WIP, is completely gone, all those hours of work are completely gone :(
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