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  1. face image size

    oh ok, thank you. i figured out how to adjust the face size on my own. still, thanks anyway.
  2. face image size

    If this was in a forum already i couldn't find it but i'm having trouble making faces fit into text boxes. i remember that you're supposed to put in a symbol before the image's name but i can't remember what it was. please help
  3. Importing maps

    ok thank you. sorry for double posting, i'll try to watch myself in the future on that. 
  4. Importing maps

    81, this isn't really a project, i just keep it as a test area for new things i learn. these are from that vxan mega map pack on steam
  5. Importing maps

    i just did that and nothing changed
  6. Importing maps

    but wouldn't that mess with the map001 already in the data?
  7. Importing maps

    these are some screenshots of mine. i know i've gotta be doing something wrong here
  8. Importing maps

    I've tried that and it doesn't do anything. Does it have something to do with the sample maps i have? i've made empty maps, saved, changed the name of the map i wanna import to match and nothing happens, it stays empty in the editor. and when i move the map to the data folder the icon for it...
  9. Importing maps

    I recently downloaded some maps via the workshop and i cant get them into my game no matter what i do. i tried looking at the old post about this but it didn't help at all. please someone help, i'm really confused.
  10. Adding Tilesets

    I keep trying to add a new tileset but no matter what i do the walls keep getting cut in half and turned into floors and the floors don't appear. all i get is half of my chosen wall
  11. Boss Battle music

    Ok, I got it now, thanks so much. I feel silly
  12. Boss Battle music

    I tried and it's still not working
  13. Boss Battle music

    I keep trying to change the music for my boss battle but it keeps playing the regular battle music. I've tried changing the battle music in the troops section of the database menu and changing it in the event editor and it still plays the same music. what am i doing wrong?
  14. Jingai Makyo Sprites

    I'm looking for a sprite sheet from the VN Jingai Makyo. I saw it once but i forgot to download it. Does anyone have a copy i can download or a link where i could find them, please?
  15. Looking for sprites

    i think i might have posted this in the wrong board but i'm looking for a set of sprites from the VN Jingai Makyo/Makyou. i saw them once and meant to download them but i didn't. if anybody has a copy they can share or a link to where i can find them i'd really appreciate it
  16. Repeating cutscene

    I will, thank you. Sorry, i'm still new to this. I ended up figuring out the issue on my own but thanks for the help.
  17. Repeating cutscene

    Help, I've searched and searched but none of the answers work for me. I set up an event at my main character's home town as kind of a send off event to start the game. It doesn't trigger until the main character touches the spot on the outside of town. It was fine before but now when i revisit...

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