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  1. R-Soul

    Prevent Events from Turning Towards Player

    If you make an event that has as trigger either player touch or event touch, and the player touches that event, immediately before executing whatever code you placed in it, that event will turn towards our direction. My question is the following, Is it possible to prevent an event to turn to...
  2. R-Soul

    Instant Action Turn Battle

    RPG Maker has a default turn based system, in which the party's actions take place AFTER inputting all party commands. What I'm looking for is for a system that allows every party member to act IMMEDIATELY after inputting his/her invidual command. To put simple, if you have a party of 4 at...
  3. R-Soul

    Retrievable Game Information

    After noticing you can do several useful things via script calls I came up with a question (which may have a rather long answer). What sort of information can I retrieve from the game? (Aiming for numbers and boolean) In other words... Can I...?: Retrieve the number of battles I've been at...
  4. R-Soul

    Yanfly System Menu - Stetic

    So I decided to use yanfly's system menu script, and it is awesome, but I only have one problem, it is more stetic solving than troubleshooting. And it is that I want a clear space between the variables you can change, the switches you can flip, and the title and shutdown options. So what I did...
  5. R-Soul

    Doubt on party and actor commands (default)

    More than a script request I have more like a doubt on how a default part of the program works. While on battle, you first watch the party command window, which is on the left while the actor stats window are on the right. After selecting "Fight", the party command window closes and a new one...
  6. R-Soul

    Sprite Preview While Drawing

    Hello~ My question is, is there a program out there where I can draw the different frames of a character, while it gives me a preview of how it looks moving? I'm not looking for a character generator, I want to draw myself, I just want a program or way in which I can draw and preview at the...
  7. R-Soul

    Key Items - No Number On Menu

    I hope this is a simple problem, As you know, some games have key items which are one-of-a-kind, in other words there is only one of them in the "world". So I would like to know if there is a way in which key items don't show a quantity number, since it is somewhat pointless. We are talking...
  8. R-Soul

    Adapting Kaduki Sprites to Galv Idle Animations

    Hi everyone~ Soo out of the blue I found this script, which I thought was pretty awesome, it basically lets you choose different sets of actor images to have different sprites for dashing and idling, as well as running a common event. It isn't that long or hard to figure out how it works, but...
  9. R-Soul

    RTP33g1 Battle Hud

    Hi HI! ;D!~ I was searching for a battle hud that enabled me to make an individual bar per actor, and after searching for quite some time, I found it. <33 And while I was on it, I found Ziifee's Spin Command, and decided to implement it along with the hud. But after some testing I noticed...
  10. R-Soul

    Full Body/Big Portrait on Menu:Status

    Hi hi~ I was playing around with google and found out some amazing status screens script that was launched for VX. I'm talking about this: My question is, is there any similar script for VX Ace? What I'm aiming for is mostly for a full body...
  11. R-Soul

    Stop TP From Increasing Upon Hp Damage

    Hello~ I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for a while now and I have a question regarding TP. So I've been using Victor's Animated Battles and Cooperation Skills scripts, and I started to make some skills that use up 30 TP per character that takes action on a cooperation skill. I did so by...

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