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  1. kovak

    Condition is Applied when TP = 100

    I've learned that using Custom Passive Condition you can apply a passive state and it will last for a set number of turns. My issue is that i need it to check if the units TP has reached 100 to be activated and it must work for Actors and for Enemies as well. Could someone help me with it...
  2. kovak

    Replacing windows with images

    I wanted to replace the default GUI with images but would also to stop the windowskin rendering as well. I wont have issues breaking down each scene to find the windows i wanna replace. Well...i barely know anything about programming so this is harsh for me. I've tried using multiple plugins...
  3. kovak

    RMMV Ironblood (IGMC2018)

    Download Page Sumary You are found by two strangers and dragged in an old chapel surrounded by strange creatures and your only path leads to the Mist. The iron purges the mist, the blood mixed with the souls of the afflicted. You feel as one of them though you're healty and sadly this...
  4. kovak

    Job Points for Actors instead

    I understand this is a complicated request. So yanfly's job points plugin allows each class to have their own pool of job points What i need is to make all classes to use the same pool instead, when you switch from one class to another the job...
  5. kovak

    Change align states So i'm wondering if someone could make icons to be drawn from right to left and be compatible with VE Battle Status Window. Many rpgs draws their states like this such as Octopath Traveler, Final Fantasy XIII and XV...
  6. kovak

    Order Turn Battle Bug This plugin is part of the awesome Octopack Traveller made by @Olivia (hope she doesn't kill me for taggin her) The turn order display is not updating when the trait is added via state and it does update after 2 turns as i get the...
  7. kovak

    Class systems and Design choices

    Having the liberty to change classes at will is something amazing but it also kinda kills the narrative purpose and uniqueness of characters. After checking Octopath Traveler and how it handled such system in a way makes it part of exploration and plot as well. I haven't played Octopath nor have...
  8. kovak

    Real romance vs Fantasy romance

    So i need some opinions about it cuz i may introduce it in my project but i dunno how to do it in an organic way. I've ended up in The Red Pill and PUA stuff and also in Phycology Today blog for references but things are not working as intended. I have a female protagonist and a bad boy party...
  9. kovak

    Decrease Constrast Plugin

    I'm not satisfied about how i can't have control over contrast in my project, i wanted to have control over brightness but that's another matter. If i had control over image like i do with tinting i'd be happy.
  10. kovak

    Rogue Essentials

    What makes a rogue, thief or whatever you call your physical heavy hitter with low HP as...what makes them be who they are and do what they do? In combat i aways thinks about how they could poison, debuff defense or even be specialized on dealing with tank type enemies or even go to the...
  11. kovak

    Non-combat Actions in Modern settings

    From lockpicking a door with digital lock to turning a car engines on, defining what can be or not be done out of combat is a pain. In some situations our solution is to make mini-games or to deal with a separated kind of dungeons to simulate a task. How do you guys deal with it since it brings...
  12. kovak

    Yep Victory Aftermatch Change

    I wanted to display the Battle Spoils and also the Battle Results on the same screen under the name Battle Results. I see no reasons to have 2 or 3 separated screens to display this much information
  13. kovak

    Death Nova buff modification

    Yanfly has shown how to make Guild War's Death Nova state in rpg maker mv, it will aways Works on the target's oponente no matter what and i wanted it to affect the entire enemy team when the target dies if the target is also a enemy.
  14. kovak

    Raising XE and SP param with lunatic mode

    Plugin: Yanfly has shown how to increase Param when learning a new skill using lunatic mode but how to raise XE-param and SP-param. Here is his example: I wish to know if there's a way to raise other atributes like this such as elemental...
  15. kovak

    Reading that inspires you

    I'd like to recommend and get some recommendations since i have like 4 ~6 dead hours at work (hospitals are kinda dead sometimes if you know what i mean). So i'll list here some manga and comics that inspires me when making rpgs...and a small summary that may make you interested or not...
  16. kovak

    Strange State Effects in turn based RPGs

    As the title implies (and obviously i'm interested into it), how would states such as Deaf would play in a turn based rpg? It's easier to consider effects when dealing with magic but in a sci-fi scenario with no magic involved it's not so much, it forces you to be more creative like changing...
  17. kovak

    Change Window Stat Compare of Yanfly Plugins

    Since i've changed some menu layouts i wanted to change it to allow me to display 2 columms instead of 1 Can somebody give me a hind to how can i do this?
  18. kovak

    Expanding Regular Attacks

    I remember many people here mentioned how regular attacks are just too boring, how it was useless compared to other skills a character may have. After seeing how DnD 4E deals with it (though it uses board movement in some of them) i wanted to know if it wouldn't be more interesting to simply...
  19. kovak

    Recover MP after 4 turns

    My idea is to when the actor reaches 10% of MP it will be recovered by 100% after 4 turns. Idk javascript so i'm wordering if somebody can give me a hand with it since i'm almost sure it will require a lunatic mode to be done.
  20. kovak

    Interesting ways to deal with "MP"

    I was thinking about how Kingdom Hearts 2 made me not use MP recovering items so often after casting a bunch of spells in a row. Since the game was an action rpg the MP bar would get in cooldown so i could focus on enemies and then a sound would play when it was full again. How do you guys...

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