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  1. SLEEP

    RPG Maker MV default RTP man with no underwear

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I just want the basic male MV RTP man without underwear. I can't find any here, and I've also looked on Google and only found ones with *ahem* realistic anatomy but I don't want that. I just want him barbie doll smooth...
  2. SLEEP

    Let users choose the size of animation cels

    Description of the Feature: I would like to change the size of animation cels, so you can use higher or lower res animations. Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: Use higher resolution animations with higher resolution games. Use animations...
  3. SLEEP

    SLEEPy MV "resources"

    hi         this one just updated im going 2 do more and hopefully finish doing the whole rtp and then the SV battlers?? this isn't a promise but i will be making more facesets and charsets at least!! then post more kinds of resources. all resources !!!  every resource on this thread i'll...
  4. SLEEP

    What is the preoccupation with target audiences?

    This is gonna have a different answer for everyone, but hmm i wonder if I should open this can of worms. Whooops i did. A lot of posts on this forum throw out lines like "be wary of your target audience" or "keep your target audience in mind". People feel the need to pick a target audience, and...
  5. SLEEP

    Young Adult Fiction (a topic about storytelling tone)

    This topic is about storytelling tone.   And it uses a genre typically reserved for books as framing to do so! Young Adult fiction is a genre defined by what it's target audience, late primary school through to college-aged human beings, expect from a story. (although it's worth noting that...
  6. SLEEP


    Lots of people discuss additional gameplay features that increase complexity of games systems, but i'm wondering what you could take away from the default battle system without oversimplifying. I want to make an an easy to understand rpg, that could pass the "could your non-gamer older family...

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