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  1. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    Hi. I’d like to achieve a state that consume actor’s MP (or SP as it’s called in XP). It’s just like the Poison state but it would affect the MP instead of HP. I googled it but didn’t find any for XP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. callmedan

    Question about Enumerable in RGSS1

    I'm rewriting XP default scripts into Ace style to kill some free time, and run into some questions. Are collect, map and select available in RMXP? I don't find them in the manual (F1) and can't find any Ruby 1.8.1 documents in the internet. Also I don't get any error (until now) as I use...
  3. callmedan

    [RESOLVED] [RMXP] Is it possible to create a scroll view?

    I’d like to know if it’s possible to create a scroll view window and use arrow keys to scroll the content vertically. For example, I have a big credits list or instruction, and it’s longer than the height of the window. Using smaller font size might not be a good solution, because some people...
  4. callmedan

    [XP] How do I trim Ccoa’s UMS gap?

    When I use a command of the script, it will leave a gap at the end of the message line. The more command you use, the bigger the gap will get. It’s okay in normal window mode, but it’s not cool in FIT_WINDOW_TO_TEXT mode in my opinion. Is it possible to trim the gap and how do I do that? Ccoa’...
  5. callmedan

    [XP] Sprite_Character (Rewrite) Stack level too deep

    I'm trying the rewritten version of XP Sprite_Character by Sieg. I got Stack level too deep at line animation(animation, true) in update_animation. I got the error when Show Animation command is executed. Please help! Thanks in advance!
  6. callmedan

    [RESOLVED] [XP] How do I align center Scene_End command text?

    As the title said, how do I align the text? I prefer it like in image below than the default. Thanks in advance
  7. callmedan

    [XP] Large event collision script?

    I'm looking for a big event script for XP, that allows you to specify a single event that covers an area larger than a single tile, for the purposes of collision. I googled it and found 2 scripts by Shaz and Hudell, also a MV plugin by Shaz, but I found nothing for XP. Large Event Collision...
  8. callmedan

    [SOLVED][XP] Actor's Classes Parameters script?

    Hi! I'm looking for a script that effects on actors' parameters growth based on their classes. I googled it but didn't find anything. For example, the character in my game is a peasant in the beginning and she's becoming a mage later. I want her SP is always at minimum until she becomes a mage...
  9. callmedan

    How do you optimize your game?

    Well, for "optimize", I mean reducing the size of the game. For graphic assets, I know we can use TinyPNG or PNG Crush or similar tools to reduce the size. What about audio? Do you compress it to reduce the file size? Because compressing an audio file would reduce its quality as well. Long story...
  10. callmedan

    Does anyone use Camtasia? Is it good?

    There's a new software bundle on Humble Bundle and you can get Camtasia, a video editing and screen recording software for $20 instead of nearly $250. It sounds interesting but I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. So I'd like to ask if anyone here has used it and if it's a good tool. Thank...
  11. callmedan

    (XP) Lighting Script

    Hello! I'm looking for a lighting script for RMXP. I'd like a script that allows me to add light pictures from Pictures folder into an event using comment. For example, I have a torch character and I can add light into it using comment [torch]. Well, it works like Khas's Lighting Script.
  12. callmedan

    [SOLVED] RMXP teen sprite templates

    Hello! I'm in need of teen sprite templates for RMXP. I tried to edit the adult templates but it's really hard for me. Please let me know if there's any available. Thanks a lot!
  13. callmedan

    RMXP Ahriman's Prophecy: Prequel to Aveyond (REBOOT) [DEMO AVAILABLE]

    Ahriman's Prophecy is an original game by Aveyond Studios (formerly Amaranth Games). This project has being done with their approval. Demo Download SYNOPSIS Aia, a beautiful fantasy world doomed to be destroyed by the demon, Ahriman. In a desperate attempt to stop the prophecy, the Daughters...
  14. callmedan

    Can we have Floyd Nature Tiles in RPG Maker format please?

    Hi, I just found Floyd Nature Tiles that are published by Degica on another site. Those tiles look really great in my opinion. I'd like to know if you guys have any plans sell the pack here in RPG Maker format? Thanks! :cutesmile:
  15. callmedan

    Should I use big textures to make tiles?

    I bought a texture pack and those textures' size is 1024x1024. I tried to used them to edit a wall tile but it doesn't work right. I also tried to reduce the size but they got blurry. So my question is should I use those big textures? And if I could use them, do you have any tips to handle that...
  16. callmedan

    Broken tree tile?

    Hi! I'm looking broken tree tiles. I'd like the tree looks like damaged by storm, not being cut down. Please let me know if there's any tiles available. Thanks! :kaohi: Maker Format: XP Art Style: XP RTP or any styles that match XP RTP. Reference Images: - Broken tree in esby's map screenshoot -
  17. callmedan

    Does the product key get expired?

    I wonder if the product key gets expired. How many times can I use it?
  18. callmedan

    Why do you become a game maker?

    I'd love to know the reason why you become a game maker because I found it interesting :kaoswt2: It doesn't matter you're professional or not.
  19. callmedan

    Who made this sprite?

    I found this sprite in my drive but no credit note (maybe I collected this when I just began making game). I'm pretty sure that I saw it somewhere. I think it's a Japanese site?! Anyone here know who the author is, please let me know. Thanks a lot!
  20. callmedan

    Do you use 'moreover' and 'furthermore' in conversation?

    As the title said, do you use them in conversation? An English teacher told me stop using 'moreover' and 'furthermore' in conversation because they are very very formal. Really? I'm not native English speaker btw.

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