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  1. Manik Rooster

    Management game creation platform

    I'm not sure if there are exact makers for management, but I'm sure you can accomplish that this with something like Unity for sure. However, Unity isn't pick up and play like RPG Maker. You certainly need to know ins and outs. I don't have exact links, but I've seen people do management sims...
  2. Manik Rooster

    What would go better?

    YAS! I haven't seen that movie in YEARS!
  3. Manik Rooster

    What would go better?

    My game is about a young boy that gets transferred to a new world outside of his own. This is an adventure game with action RPG elements. I have a couple of ideas, and I'd like some feedback on which of these story scenarios sound better and why: The boy travels to a new world under his bed...
  4. Manik Rooster

    Chests staying open or disappearing?

    I definitely prefer chests staying on the map. It just kinda looks goofy when you open a chest and then it magically disappears. It's not exactly realistic, but games definitely don't have to be realistic. It's a good way to keep track of what's opened. I could certainly see in a sci-fi fantasy...
  5. Manik Rooster

    Color Mechanics

    Never heard of that game. I'm gonna check that out. Thanks for your feedback.
  6. Manik Rooster

    Color Mechanics

    I'm working on a platformer/action RPG about a young boy that gets caught in a world that's been devoid of color. Your goal is to restore the color of the world. I think I want the boy's weapon to be a paintbrush. I want to make some interesting mechanics revolving around a lack of color. Maybe...
  7. Manik Rooster

    What makes a good game character? Ideas?

    I know this is somewhat subjective, but what do you guys feel makes a good character?
  8. Manik Rooster

    IG Maker Resource Pack?

    Thanks. I actually found them on an old Flash Drive! I suppose this can be closed now.
  9. Manik Rooster

    IG Maker Resource Pack?

    I heard that IG Maker isn't a thing anymore. Is there any way to get that free IG Maker Resource Pack? One of my Harddrives with it just died so I was wondering if anyone had it or knew how I could obtain it. Thanks!
  10. Manik Rooster

    What are different societal creature races in your game?

    Jinn, Gods, Godesses, Demons, Spirits, Undead, and A MANTICORE.
  11. Manik Rooster

    What do you guys listen to when making your games?

    Good stuff here! I didn't expect this to blow up like it has! I like seeing and hearing your suggestions!
  12. Manik Rooster

    What do you guys listen to when making your games?

    When it comes to making your games, what kind of music do you listen to to get those creative juices flowing? Or are you more of a 'silence is golden' kind of person? It's very eclectic with me. I listen to anything to video game soundtracks to hip hop, depending on my mood. A strange staple for...
  13. Manik Rooster

    Has Anyone Tried to Sell Their Game to Nintendo? Is there an RPG Maker Game in Nintendo's Library?

    I've contacted Nintendo about putting a game on Switch. This is what they told me: "Thank you for your interest in developing for the Nintendo Switch. In order to be considered for access to Nintendo Switch development resources, we require an overview of your planned project as well as your...
  14. Manik Rooster

    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Please change my username to Manik Rooster. Thank you! :D
  15. Manik Rooster

    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    VX Ace is probably my favorite. I like how easy it is to set up certain events like transferring the player and chests. The engine I use the second most is RPG Maker 2003. I have a soft spot for the old school graphics. XP is my third favorite and it's the engine I've spent the most time in...
  16. Manik Rooster

    To those who've sold a game using RPG Maker

    @SeaPhoenix That game looks like a lot of fun! I'm definitely going to have to pick it up one day! I like management games like that! Plus you have multiple endings! I'm SOLD!
  17. Manik Rooster

    Hi I am new on RPG Maker MV

    Cheers! And welcome!!
  18. Manik Rooster

    To those who've sold a game using RPG Maker

    Your game looks GORGEOUS! I'm gonna have to check it out one of these days!!
  19. Manik Rooster

    Which ending would you satisfy in RPG games?

    I also love, love LOVE games that offer multiple endings!
  20. Manik Rooster

    To those who've sold a game using RPG Maker

    To anyone that has sold their game made with RPG Maker, how did it feel when you got your first sale? Was the time and effort worth the reward?

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