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  1. postnjam

    Requesting Logo for Title

    Here's what I came up with, tell me if you want me to add anything..
  2. postnjam

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Yeah I'll most likely change the wolf lady. Thanks
  3. postnjam

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Here is my current premise for my text based RPG "The songs of our sorrows" The year is 2019, The united states of America have broken into two separate countries, The southern state coalition (SSC) and the North federal alliance (NFA). The SSC announces that Genetic and Mechanical...
  4. postnjam

    RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 Update + Changelog!

    Ok, played with the resource manager a bit, bit of an issue as you can only import one item at a time. then it resets the file manager to your game file the next time you want to import, not the file you last imported from, meaning you have to do this over and over again. Not too big of an...
  5. postnjam

    RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 Update + Changelog!

    Resource manager! Looks like I'll be dumping VX ace then, got MV but found the lack of a resource manager made me go back to VX ace. Glad they listened to feedback.
  6. postnjam

    Can't access my forum store purchases

    So I was trying to redownload time fantasy which I brought on the forum store and the links go dead. the resource pack doesn't appear on the main site's download centre. thanks.
  7. postnjam

    POP! Freebies

    I'm guessing this ties into how the next pack seems to be about a crazed masked murderer.
  8. postnjam

    RPG Maker User Survey

    Done, put down that I wanted them to include the database in MV as transfering files is annoying.
  9. postnjam

    server problems??

    I heard there was something to do with the company the forums use getting dossed or something.
  10. postnjam

    POP! Preview

    See hexed, Great stuff like this is why I can never finish a product, Just when I get alot of progress done, You just release a great freebie or Members+ thing and my next week is wasted making maps using your tiles.  Just to quickly ask while I'm here, Are you still doing toliets and dead...
  11. postnjam


    Checked my rota for work, On a late so I'll be home at 10pm, alas, I won't be there when it goes live, but at least I won't be sitting waiting for it to launch and being unproductive.
  12. postnjam


    Ahhhhhhhhh! preordered! 
  13. postnjam

    Pregnant sprite!

    Not sure if you're using this style, but the ds resouce pack (the retro sci-fi one) Has a pregnant lady, she's not bald though.
  14. postnjam

    So do i stop what i am doing and buy this?

    it's weird because one or two features in 2000/2003 are not in VX ACE but are really useful such as proper layers and the ability to make it automatically avoid blocking characters with text boxes. which are really useful.
  15. postnjam

    Ancient Dungeons

    Awesome pack, quick tip: Need characters? Use the rural farm set, works like a charm.
  16. postnjam

    Ancient Dungeons

    EDIT: Seems to have been fixed or fixed itself, On with the map creating! Um....the client area download is broken, the "click here to download isn't a link. :(
  17. postnjam

    Sci-Fi Tiles Sneak Peek

    Just figured out that you can combine this and Wild Steam to create SPACE COWBOYS.
  18. postnjam

    New RPG MAKER hinted?

    Could be Rpg maker DC, We haven't heard of that in a while. However software entry would be nice.
  19. postnjam

    New RPG MAKER hinted?

    So, recently a trailer on steam was released for RPGMAKER 2003 and had a timeline of the recent products, when watching it I noticed something strange. On the right side is a RPG maker game with a question mark, it's version name obscured. What's very odd is that it points to some time in...
  20. postnjam

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

    Can't wait to get involved and make a chapter, never did get to claim in time. Eyes peeled for a place.

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