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  1. SeagullKing

    Ugh, do I have to?

    My tolerance for grinding varies depending on the end reward.  Undertale, for example, had an alternate ending if you essentially go around killing everything you can find.  I did that grind without issue, as the reward (the creepy story) motivated me to keep going. I guess if there's a good...
  2. SeagullKing

    Multiple Endings vs the One True Ending?

    I think alternate endings can be absolutely crucial to extending a game's playtime. Undertale had 3 different endings.  Completing a  was so creepy and disturbing that a lot of people had to play through the game again just to see it for themselves.  Without that ending/alternate...
  3. SeagullKing

    Nintendo Switch

    Not sure why, but I'll be getting this day one.  Nintendo systems are still the most played in my household despite owning a PS4 and gaming PC.  It is just the daily driver in my family, and I can't imagine that changing anytime soon.
  4. SeagullKing

    The worst games you have ever played

    Brink.  Oh dear God its gotta be Brink. Technically it wasn't awful, but it was just so disappointing.  I put so much time into it initially and the game basically died within the first month or two due to shoddy netcode and slow dev response. The worst part is that my friend still makes...
  5. SeagullKing

    Tales Across Time (Out Now on Steam!)

    You did a great job with this! It really comes off as its own thing, and doesn't really resemble the stock RPGMaker experience.  The trailer also had some pretty cool stuff (such as battling that monster and only having the sillouettes visible. Very cool! I honestly might check this out soon!
  6. SeagullKing

    Multiple Viewports

    This is a VERY interesting plugin.  As somebody who is working on a game that involves spacetravel, it might be cool to have scenes that show what is going on in space at the same time that Earth stuff is going on. Thanks for your contribution! If I end up using it, I'll post something here...
  7. SeagullKing

    River City Ransom MV

    @ksjp17 Noted.  Thanks for the information.
  8. SeagullKing

    New, but soon to be quite busy

    I'll do my very best.  I've never been closer.
  9. SeagullKing

    Do you trust fans to make your games better?

    I have had the story for my game in mind for 8+ years.  There are parts of it that I wouldn't change for anything no matter what anybody says. That's not to say that fans can't come up with good ideas.  I think there's definitely a place where the creator should draw the line when it comes to...
  10. SeagullKing

    Amy's Battlers (30)

    These edits are awesome.  I never thought of editing the MV assets like this.  Nice job!
  11. SeagullKing

    River City Ransom MV

    Whoa! Thanks for sharing this.  I had no idea RPG Maker could do something like that. As for a River City Ransom type game in RPG Maker: It would probably be easier to look at an engine like Stencylworks or Construct2.  I had a pretty good experience with the latter.
  12. SeagullKing

    Getting a PS3, what do you guys recommend?

    There are a lot of collections/remasters that are really good (Kingdom Hearts, God of War to name a few).  I would also possibly look into some of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games, since you could possibly get some instruments SUPER cheap these days at any thrift store.  The Batman Arkham...
  13. SeagullKing

    Legacy of the Star Knight

    I'll give it a try sometime this weekend! I love the title, as well as the story's premise.  You gave just enough detail in your description to get me curious. Nice job!
  14. SeagullKing

    How do you know when a video game is good?

    I work pretty hard during the day. A good game is something that I don't have to work hard to get into/enjoy.  I also find myself attracted to games that have good lore (Warcraft/most Blizzard games, Five Nights at Freddies).
  15. SeagullKing

    RPG Maker MV Templates and Guideline

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting this together! It has been a helpful resource.
  16. SeagullKing

    New, but soon to be quite busy

    Hello all! My name is Luke, and I am in the process of building a very silly game while simultaneously working a full time job and dealing with other stuff. After years of agonizing over how I was going to make my dream game, trying and failing with a few overly complicated software suites...

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