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  1. Geoff Moore

    ♪♫ Geoff's Game Music Corner ♫♪

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure why I've never made a thread in this subforum since these boards are where I got started making game music, but there's no time like the present! I'll be posting some music from RPGs and other games, and some made just for fun. Let's start with a recent Chrono-Trigger...
  2. Geoff Moore

    Change the 4 pixel character offset to 3 pixels?

    I know I can remove the offset entirely by prefixing the sprite's filename with "!", but it is possible to change the default 4 pixel offset to 3 pixels instead? I'm using 16x16 tiles blown up x3 to make 48x48, so the characters are currently 1 pixel too high. Thanks for reading!
  3. Geoff Moore

    RMMV MOOP (Retro Puzzle-Adventure) [IGMC 2017]

    MOOP is a short puzzle adventure game made in one month for IGMC 2017. I'm quite pleased with what I was able to do in the time allowed, but I'll be continuing to improve and expand the game (after sleeping for at least a week and catching up on music commissions!). You can follow Moop's future...
  4. Geoff Moore

    Selecting 'Cancel' from choices doesn't play the cancel SE

    If a choice menu is displayed in MV and the player right clicks to cancel, the choice designated as 'Cancel' is executed and the 'Cancel' sound effect plays. If, however, the player selects the choice designated as 'Cancel' the 'OK' sound is played instead. Is it possible to make it play the...
  5. Geoff Moore

    Better mouse/touch speed control for MV (same pathfinding)

    I love that MV has added mouse/touch control, but I think a (hopefully) simple plugin could make it a lot more natural and enjoyable to play MV games with the mouse. By default the player dashes when using mouse or touch movement, which in my opinion spoils a game somewhat - you don't get to...
  6. Geoff Moore

    Anyone had problems with large variable values?

    Quick question. Is RPG Maker likely to run into problems if I set variables to values of up to, say, 50,000? I don't know if there are any inherent limitations with the software with that kind of thing. Thanks!
  7. Geoff Moore

    Gamepad only works after pressing a face button?

    Until I press A, B, X, or Y my gamepad won't register when playing my MV game (i.e. the directions won't respond, either on the D-Pad or the analog stick). After pressing one of those, the gamepad works perfectly. I only have one gamepad, so I don't know if this is a general MV issue, but it...
  8. Geoff Moore

    Show description for hovered items in 'Select Item' event

    It would be really helpful to be able to show the item's description while hovering over a key item in the 'Select Item' effect. It looks like someone did this with a single line of code in Ace if it helps as a reference...
  9. Geoff Moore

    Non-scrolling room, or changing background colour?

    I have my game set up in a true widescreen ratio, and the window width does not divide by 48, my tile size. To make a 'one-screen' map I therefore have a map width very slightly wider than the window width. However, this means that the camera will scroll one tile to the left or right depending...
  10. Geoff Moore

    Copy passability to new tileset?

    Hi all! I'm making a tileset for the first time, and I've got it set up and working in MV. Now I've made a colour variant of the same tileset, and I want it to have the same passability settings as the first tileset. How can I copy the passability for the first tileset to the second? There...
  11. Geoff Moore

    Smaller soundcloud embeds?

    Since the forum update soundcloud embeds are gigantic, any chance we could use the slimmer version instead? (Also thank you again for being one of the few forums to allow soundcloud embeds :))
  12. Geoff Moore

    MV games on iOS?

    I wanted to check out some MV games on the iOS app store, is there a list anywhere? If not we could have one in this thread. Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks!
  13. Geoff Moore

    Possibility of Box2D integration?

    I've been fiddling around with Box2D, a simple physics engine that was used to make Angry Birds, in Game Maker Studio, it's fun! Since there's a javascript version I was wondering if it could be integrated with MV? Obviously it would be (presumably) ridiculous to try and get it to do anything in...
  14. Geoff Moore

    MV pathfinding issue

    I found an issue with the pathfinding in the example game on the preorder page: If you place your character roughly where I have in this screenshot: Clicking on the ticked tile the pathfinding works, clicking on the...
  15. Geoff Moore

    What would you like to see from a store music pack?

    Hi all!   I've been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to submit one or more packs to the music store, and since you lovely people are my potential customers I thought I'd ask you what you'd like to hear! I can compose in a range of styles, so all suggestions are welcome. Is there...
  16. Geoff Moore

    Add an activation switch to key item menu or SAI key item button script?

    I'd like to be able to specify a switch to selectively prevent the key item menu being brought up, for example during cutscenes. I'm not sure whether this would be a modification to this script or to a standard Ace script. Here's the script I'm using...
  17. Geoff Moore

    Pause before player can select a choice?

    Is it possible to enforce a short wait before the player can select a choice from a 'Show Choices' command? By default, if the player is tapping the button during messages to avoid waiting for all the text to display, it is quite easy to accidentally select a choice before seeing them. I'm not...
  18. Geoff Moore

    Assistance with Fixed Pictures

    Hi all! I'm using SeerUK and OriginalWij's extremely simple fixed picture script: As I understand it the script overlays pictures but treats them as maps as far as movement is concerned, so the top left...
  19. Geoff Moore

    [SOLVED immediately after posting d'oh] Compatibility problem - Galv's Move Route Extras and Modern

    I noticed Extra Movement Frames had stopped working (character just animates with four frames), and by process of elimination found that Galv's Move Route Extras was the culprit - when I remove it the extra frames display properly. I really need both scripts for my game so I'm hoping someone can...
  20. Geoff Moore

    Set event position to relative coordinates?

    I want to use Set Event Location to move an event to the top of the map while keeping it's current x position. There will be a large number of events on the map doing this, so I'd like to call a common event from each. The obvious solution would be to set a variable to the event's x position...

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