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  1. Reverse the "Substitute" mechanic?

    I'm making a game with a guest character who you have to escort. He has auto-battle and is a bit of a coward. I wanted to give him a 'hide behind someone else' mechanic, where if he uses a skill, he forces someone else to take damage that was meant to him. Is there a plugin to that, or something?
  2. Make a character's chance to resist a state change according to variables?

    For example, a variable that follows how 'holy' a character it. Getting blessed at the church or using holy skills adds more to this variable. Then an enemy uses a skill that inflicts a state called 'curse'. I want to make the odds of resisting curse to be equal to 100%, minus how many holy...
  3. Is there any way to paint level A tilesets directly below level B tilesets?

    For example, this; Is the only way to put the grass under the stones to paint them over the stones, then pain the stones over them again?
  4. Would there be any issues of using RTP assets from different iterations or RPGM in the same project?

    For example, using RPGMaker 2000 music in a VX Ace project? I do own both makers (got them in a bundle). If yes, what about using RTP assets from a maker I do not own? I do not own MV, for example. Can I use assets from it?
  5. Accessory/trait that makes you get extra money/exp at the end of the battle?

    I wish to make it so whenever a battle is won with the Thief character in it, the player finds a bonus 10% gold. I think Yanfly's Victory Aftermath would allow for it with some tweaks, but I can't find any download for that script that still works >_>

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