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  1. Cvrtis

    Problems with 'spoilers' and 'quotes'

    In new forum design I have a few problems with adding and editing comments and posts. First af all because new design is not adopted for tablets. 1. I can not move and delete a 'spoiler' frame via tablet; 2. I can not move and delete a 'quote' frame via tablet (there is a problem with...
  2. Cvrtis

    Start Encounter battle effect

    Hello, I have not found a similar theme or script, so my question is: there are somewhere the script with settings effect when encounter battle start? (I means effect when flash and zoom). I want to change that effect or, on first time, at least, turn it off. Thank You. UPD. I'm...
  3. Cvrtis

    Separate state lines for buff and debuff

    For example: The states that I note as a buff - in the one line The states that I note as a debuff - in the another line Not only in Menu, in battle window too. Maybe it can be only a snippet of code?
  4. Cvrtis

    Draw an armor. Need help for idea

    Hello to all, I need help. The fact that I have a problem with imagination. It's veeery big problem for me. So I want to ask you to help me.   I have a character. 1. And I have to draw an armor for him. But I have NO idea how it should look. I leave here a picture with template. What exactly I...
  5. Cvrtis

    MV's Conditional Branches without "Else"?

    I don't know, why they cut "Else" from Conditional Branches, and now, I have a problems with it. Besides they cut 2 buttons!  ;_; Can someone say, hot to do that: - without the braindstorm! I do not understand scripts...
  6. Cvrtis

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    I hope you like it. I will be glad if you will use them. If you need, I can make recolour. If You find any defects, be sure to tell me. Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Enterbrain, Cvrtis. Non-Commercial: free. Commercial: free; in some cases contact me (you will see a note next to the resource)...
  7. Cvrtis

    Looking for icons: Rabbit's foot (amulet) and Rabbit's boots (armor)

    Hello, I'm looking for icon Rabbit's foot (amulet). I think, I saw an amulet somewhere, but I can not remember - where ( I could not find it in the Granny's list. Can anyone help? And if there are boots, similar to the back foot rabbit? ) I would be very grateful.
  8. Cvrtis

    I can't find an autor of tile

    Does somebody know, who made it? I will be very happy, if you let me know.
  9. Cvrtis

    Cvrtis' Resources

    I want to submit some of my tiles. I hope you like it. I will be glad if you will use them. I will update this thread, because I'm making a game by myself. Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Enterbrain, Cvrtis + otherwise noted (for example +Mack means, that I remade or take smth from Mack's...

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