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  1. Spookybun

    Overworld Enemy Fighting?

    I've seen this done before but I'm not sure how to do it myself. But basically, I only want to reserve the battle system for bosses. I want to have the rest of the enemies on the board, where all the skills will not be necessary to take them out because the character will always have a sword...
  2. Spookybun

    Favorite Game Aesthetics?

    Hello there! I'm wondering what everyone's favorite aesthetic is in games. This might have already been asked? But I would personally like to ask it myself, anyways. I'm someone that really likes aesthetics. Gaming mechanics and genre aren't included in this--well, genre kind-of is, as it can...
  3. Spookybun

    Username? [Solved]

    Is... there a way to change your username on here? Because I decided on a certain username I want to use across the board on different websites, including here. But I can't figure out how to change my username on here to reflect it. Is it possible to change your name on here at all?
  4. Spookybun

    Looking for Matching Stairs

    I'm looking for diagonal, horizonal, and vertical stairs that're all of the same set/style (or at least look similar?) If anyone has some or knows of some stairs like that, it would help a lot, thank you!
  5. Spookybun

    Monster Family Plugin?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in. I was very confused about where to put it.) Hello! I’ve been wanting to bring one of my story ideas to life, with a group of monster hunters who have their own niche in the type of monsters they specialize in taking down. Examples being: -One of...
  6. Spookybun

    Issue with Season/Time Event (Updated)

    UPDATED WITH SCREENSHOTS AND LINK TO GUIDE. Hello there! I’ve been struggling with putting in a functioning time system (which also effects the weather and season system since they’re all linked). I followed a guide (this guide:
  7. Spookybun

    Non-RPGMaker Sound/Music Effect Recommendations?

    The title is clunky, but it's the best I can do to get my idea out on paper. ^^" I'm not a fan of the default music used for RPGMaker, and I'm currently unable to afford anything from the store here right now (can explain but don't want to because irrelevant). I'm looking for recommendations...
  8. Spookybun

    Issue with Choice-Making Looping (Solved)

    Hi there! I actually have a few other issues, but I'll be making seperate posts for those later on after this one is [hopefully] answered. This is the first one out of all of them that I want to tackle, because it was the first issue I had with RPG Maker that I couldn't figure out on my own...

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