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  1. Midnight Kitty

    Equipping weapon with script

    I know this is not the usual way to equip a weapon, the reason I am using this method is down to the user being able to select a Class for the character before the game begins. The weapon to be equipped cannot be used by each class. ◆Script:$
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Parameter inconsistent

    I have a problem with one of the parameters and I am not sure if the script I am using to check it is accurate ◆If:Script:($[2] = 1) ◆Common Event:Str_check ◆Control Variables:#0200 V200 = Attack of \N[1] ◆Change Parameter:\N[1], Attack + 5 ◆Control...
  3. Midnight Kitty

    Script keeps returning false

    ◆If:Script:(($ || $ || $ || $ || $ ◆Jump to Label:Bypass ◆ :Else ◆Text:None, Transparent, Bottom : :\N[1] Is not a...
  4. Midnight Kitty

    Reference error-

    The game crashes when I try to open the menu for items or the item book. This only happens from the main menu screen and not during battles or while shopping. I thought I had fixed it by removing a bind from actor message from the code but it brought up the option to click on the actor and then...
  5. Midnight Kitty

    Reference error

    The game crashes when I try to open the menu for items or the item book. This only happens from the main menu screen and not during battles or while shopping. I thought I had fixed it by removing a bind from actor message from the code but it brought up the option to click on the actor and then...
  6. Midnight Kitty

    Formula question

    I have a query about the damage formula in RPG maker mv. Can two if/else statements be used within each other. if (a.isActor()) 75 + (a.mat * (v[52] + v[54])) - b.mdf * 2; else 75 + (a.mat * 5) - [new if & else statement] b.mdf * 2; for example an if statement placed here;
  7. Midnight Kitty

    Skill Formula error

    The game crashed when I tried to use a healing spell created as so if isActor() 300 + (a.mat * v[44]); else 300 + (a.mat * 3) + a.hrg * a.mrg; Does anybody know where I might have went wrong here?
  8. Midnight Kitty

    Adding Weapon Abilities

    I was wondering if there was any way to change a weapon's states during a battle. Say each successful hit had a chance to raise the player's attack? or give the Weapon a certain advantage chance from the start of battle like 10% chance to lower enemy defence. This would also apply to the armour...
  9. Midnight Kitty

    Script Error. Checking player gender.

    I try to run the following code but received this error message and was wondering if anybody could spot what is wrong? ◆Script:if ($gameCharacterCreations.hasInfo(1)) { : :if ($gameCharacterCreations.getInfo(1).Body.file == 'Body (1)){ : :$gameSwitches.setValue(45, true); : :} :...
  10. Midnight Kitty

    RPG Maker Game won't close

    I am having some recent problems with my game that go beyond certain features not working as plugins have described. Now the game cannot be shutdown unless I close it with Task Manager. I think it started to occur when I installed this plugin. I should also mention I do have a few of Yanflys...
  11. Midnight Kitty

    Character Creator Ex Won't appear

    I have this set in a parallel event when a new game is selected but the game just skips right past it. ◆Plugin Command:OpenCharacterCreator 1 I have all of the folders installed under the correct folders etc so unsure what is happening? \\\\img\SumRndmDde\character-creator-ex
  12. Midnight Kitty

    Game crashing whenever I try optimize or clear equips

    I get the following error message whenever I try to choose one of the following options in the equip menu in game. Type Error Cannot read property 'LB_toDatabaseObject' of undefined. The only plugin I can see this connected too is LB_EquipVariables by LadyBaskerville v1.02...
  13. Midnight Kitty

    Is it possible to set two conditions for the same event

    I want to create a trap that will be triggered if the player touches it, yet also can be disabled if the action button is pressed in front of it. Is there any way to have this possible because as of now only page 2 of the event takes place. Page 1 Player touch triggered. ◆Common Event:Dex_check...
  14. Midnight Kitty

    Battle Test not working ((RPG Maker MV V1.6.1))

    Anytime I try to launch a battle test it brings me right to the main menu for the game and not directly into the battle. Has anybody else experienced this?
  15. Midnight Kitty

    Error Trying to rename character

    Whenever I use ◆Change Name:#0004, Dave The actor in speech and most other ways will be called Dave. When added to the party however the namespace for him is always left blank. I tried this to fix it with this script but got the same problem. ◆Script:var actorName = "Mikey"; :...
  16. Midnight Kitty

    Special State

    How would I go about adding a state that would not be healed by the recover all command and need something specific to remove it. Like Curse for example. I don't want it to be removed simply by going to an Inn
  17. Midnight Kitty

    Problem adding character age

    The problem I have with the following code is it does not seem to save the number entered into the prompt box, does anybody know how I can fix this?
  18. Midnight Kitty

    Armor Variable increase

    I have multiple common events being called for certain functions in my game. One which checks the player's given dexterity that I want to be able to add to with equip-able armor etc. The trouble is instead of adding it just once every time it is checked it adds 2, I wanted to know if there is a...
  19. Midnight Kitty

    Extending Show Choices

    I tried to add more custom choice options through the script for Show choices. While this works it always freezes when it gets to the parameters it should push and I don't know how to solve that. Here is what I had;
  20. Midnight Kitty

    Need Help adding variables + Checking minimum

    I have a small problem trying to add some variables together as it gives me the following error message. ◆Control Variables:#0009 d6_num1 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0010 d6_num2 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0011 d6_num3 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0012 d6_num4 = Random 1..6...

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