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  1. supercow

    Uploading Game to Kongregate

    did they have forum ? cant you ask there ? or maybe just sent mail to one of its "moderators" . if you can post content there there must be someone or group who moderate them .
  2. supercow

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    dont know exactly what you want , did you just find it strange and wanted to ask why ? is the air duct so big that you can stand on it ? , if not just draw the character to crawl position .
  3. supercow

    Sorta new but not really

    welcome :) hope i get to see your game in the future BD
  4. supercow

    How can I create an RPG game that's not Undertale?

    easy , ignore it and make your own game with your own style while having fun , if you too focus on other games you will lose sight on the importance of your game ( what exactly do you want to make game for ? ). dont be discouraged with other games , make your own and pour your time and effort...
  5. supercow

    XP Tileset collisions not working

    " player can walk through every tile for some reason " perhaps you have blank O tiles in 2nd / 3rd layer that is NOT the very first tile . only use first tile (upper far left) to have blank tiles on 2nd + 3rd that doesnt override all tiles . " even with the X's on them or passages. "...
  6. supercow

    XP Tileset collisions not working

    passage : O= pass , X= cant pass on all direction passage (4 dir) = you can adjust which path a tile wont be able to pass or you have a tile that is blank (and had passage X) on one of the 3 layers
  7. supercow

    Go XP or MV?

    im xp user but i suggest also looking for the script that you need for your game because some script made for a particular game maker only . xp is old so many script available out there . mv is new although it does have newest script for it out there but not as much as xp (for now)  it...
  8. supercow

    How to make enemies notice you

    did you ask script for RMXP or RMMV ? if its XP search super event sensor heretic
  9. supercow

    Action Music Royalty Free

    @Alvonso thats really not a nice things to say :| , at least give your reasons for it . @marcelofernandezmusic desolation: maybe cool for zombie game , or dramatic scene . btw at 2:10 the screeching pitch hurt my ears , is that acceptable to you ? although to be fair that weird...
  10. supercow

    Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    yes :) there are also other amazing game machine made in japan web , i forgot the link , you can ask around here .
  11. supercow

    Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    well im not a pro but i do made game machine , i think theres DDR as well . other people made awesome game machine too but i dont know their link
  12. supercow

    i think theres also FEXNA

    i think theres also FEXNA
  13. supercow

    Parallax maps take too much Data

    milennin : i dont use MV , i only use XP  , the sound is a few byte , music sure its a few mb depending on the music . if the music is just loop and short its possible to be less than 1 mb .
  14. supercow

    Parallax maps take too much Data

    find program that can change it to .ogg (sorry its been so long so i may be wrong of the name) . been so long i forgot the program that i have used , sorry .
  15. supercow

    Parallax maps take too much Data

    1. know for sure that its because of the paralax map and not the music that you did not pack , its possible to decrease the size of music/sound into just a few 30-100 byte (sound) , music probably more than 100 byte . 2. decrease the size of the paralax map = decrease their quality . -> use...
  16. supercow

    Story based game

    1. yes . 2. in rpg maker people world yes , outside of it most people probably would like combat/grinding stuff . 3. not me , i wont like it in the slightest , dunno about everyone else . 4. do what you love/have fun with .
  17. supercow

    General concensus (opinions needed, please read)

    stick with 1 rpgm program instead of jack of all trade , stick with 1 style of graphic so they wont look weird . if you want to use program that can be used in multiple platform and get lots of potential to be played then get MV , i never used it but i heard it can be cross over . downside of...
  18. supercow

    Orange Ruin Tiles asking what is that resource came from or asking it to be edited ? the right is from xp, the left one i dunno .
  19. supercow

    Mecha Mack Sprites

    no one can really help you with such little information  :P   , i dont use vx ace or know their resources though , so cant help you there .
  20. supercow

    Merry Gear Solid

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