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  1. Shaz

    Recovery system for lost data files?

    I'd be trying to figure out why your files are getting messed up. Do you have your project saved somewhere that it's being synced to an online repository? That is the most frequent messer-upper-of-files that I'm aware of. What is the "normal" filesize? Even a JSON file with no data would...
  2. Shaz

    RPG Maker MZ Tileset Passage Bug

    If you set a tile to star passage, it overrides directional passability. This is not a bug. A star means "ignore the settings on this tile and look at whatever is on the layer below", which in your case is the floor.
  3. Shaz

    A chest that closed when you leave the map?

    If you want the chest to disappear, it should just work by adding Erase Event instead of Control Self Switch. You don't need additional pages or additional events or additional switches. Chest appears, player opens it, chest opens, you get the loot, you get the message, chest disappears...
  4. Shaz

    Smart Pathfinding

    This plugin will not work in MZ because it has plugin commands. Will I port it? Initially I planned to port any plugin that people found useful. Now ... I don't know. The attitude people showed towards VisuStella and Yanfly was a major turnoff for me, and I don't know if I want anything to...
  5. Shaz

    Getting player location script: where is my mistake?

    This is not a script and has nothing to do with Javascript. What you have are event commands. You have still cropped your image - are those two screenshots from the same event? How is that logic meant to be triggered? You have it set to action button, which means the player needs to interact...
  6. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    The permissions are fine. It is intentional that you can't just browse for anything there. Whatever I post that I want to be shared, will have a direct link. Sounds like I just need to get them to fix the security certificate then, as I got a certificate error when trying to connect via ftp.
  7. Shaz

    What if this forum has a discord?

    There may be a discord for RPG Maker (or maybe several), but it is not official. Just because they provide useful information doesn't mean it's linked to this forum in any way. The idea was suggested ages ago, and rejected for a number of reasons. I don't recall what they all were, but I'm...
  8. Shaz

    RPG maker MZ - I can't see the preview animations, it's black screen

    I wouldn't do that. You risk losing your game if the engine folder is removed or cleared due to an update. You will also have troubles with saving games if your engine is installed somewhere in Program Files.
  9. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    Thanks - I'll see what I can do. Don't really want to go through changing all the links to https though - I hate to imagine how many of them I've got, and some possibly in locked threads. (edit: hmmm ... maybe not that many after all)
  10. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    @rpg_el what is an "invalid TLS certificate"? How do I fix it?
  11. Shaz

    How to Set a Variable value equal to number of different item ?

    Are you resetting the variable to 0 at the start? Or do it as: Control Variables: [0030: posséder chapeau] = [number of Armor 14] (not +=) Control Variables: [0030: posséder chapeau] += [number of Armor 15]
  12. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    Interesting. I am seeing your two images below a row of dancing ...thingies... No broken links showing for me, viewing in Chrome.
  13. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    @LittlePIGGY do you mean images hosted on DeviantArt but linked to on here have this issue, or are you seeing the same thing over there?
  14. Shaz

    RMMZ Remove "Always Dash" from the Options menu

    Copy the following into a text file and name it with a .js extension, then put it in your plugins folder. Note - this overwrites a method, as it can't be aliased, so if you see issues with other things in the Options menu not working properly, maybe move this one to the top of your plugin list...
  15. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    @fizzly are you also using Chrome?
  16. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    Very odd ... maybe different versions of Chrome, or maybe one of my extensions is blocking them (I only have a few, including an ad blocker - maybe that's it ...) Thanks for checking :)
  17. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    There used to be a limit to how much space we could take, and I wasn't able to attach any images directly to a post, so started hosting them all offsite. I don't really want to have to find every place I ever linked an image and attach them Could you please tell me if you can see the images in...
  18. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    I noticed a couple of days ago that the image in my signature is no longer showing, but now appears as a broken link. Someone else just commented on one of my tutorials that they cannot see the images. I looked at this post just a few days ago and the images were all fine, and today they are...
  19. Shaz

    Make a SOKOBAN puzzle

    Weird - same thing happening for me.
  20. Shaz

    I can't figure out how to use VE - Charge Actions

    You should post a link to the plugin so people can take a look at it.

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