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  1. Cosmicrider

    layered platform bridges.

    Im a guy who likes fun to walk around places in his rpgs. So as to not Feel like a leech here I go with whats probably a basic tutorial. but it might help someone anyways given how underloved 2k3 is. the point of this tutorial in short is to be able to make sets of bridges that you can go both...
  2. Cosmicrider

    making sliding doors.

    I'm wanting to make the statue in the terrain slide when you step somewhere. then when you step past it close back. I attempted to make the event start when you stepped the floor near it to put a switch on. then have a conditional branch if event on to do the event. however that diden't work for...
  3. Cosmicrider

    Is it possible to have old school styled game intros?

    As a diehard fan of old style gaming, Id love to know if one can get it to show a little intro animation before your games title screen pops up? Im just a sucker for these sorta things and would love to know if a coder would give this minor request *or so I hope it is , not a coding guy* Be...
  4. Cosmicrider

    old question im sure but

    I have Ig maker and RPg maker XP, I wanna make an rpg where I can do the legend of zelda style gameplay and jump! not sure how you even command it or whatnot. As I read that the programs connect, but Im such a newb I cant find all the hows also can The rpg maker Ace do all that as well?? I know...

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