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  1. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    I'm updating with a red vending machine. I'm trying to exercise some pixel abilities - which I am far from mastering. If you have any feedback on how to make things better, just tell me, please! :D
  2. lazhiral

    Can someone help me with my edit request @_@

    You can get the "nude" charset (or base charset, if that's what you meant) on the official Japanese website for RPG Maker MV, if that's what you're asking for (?). Is it like this?:
  3. lazhiral

    Hi, nice to meet you.

    Welcome, Folkner :) Hope you can enjoy your stay here and contribute with the community! If you ever need anything, just ask!
  4. lazhiral

    Why RPG Maker?

    For me I believe there's much of a nostalgic feel. I've been using RPG Maker since the 2000 version, and I lost count of how many hours, days or years I've spent on it. In the beginning, what I liked the most was the easy way to manoeuvre things and how warm was my local comm. Nowadays we don't...
  5. lazhiral

    Good vs Evil: Mapping Vote

    This Team Good map is just too awesome for me to resist. Take my vote! Haha
  6. lazhiral

    Maru's MV Bits

    These interior tiles are just awesome! Thanks a bunch :)
  7. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Probably my last update concerning taverns for now, but here it is: (wood columns, a wood piano and a lone candle) See ya next weekend! Haha
  8. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Hah thanks a bunch, Drago9! :D I'm happy to know that :) Also, I'm using this tutorial here: It works quite fine on MV.
  9. lazhiral

    SLEEPy MV "resources"

    Wow really nice skintones! Thanks for sharing :D
  10. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Thanks, everyone! :D Here's another update: Tavern Windows, sideview for the cabinets etc,
  11. lazhiral

    Delete Mods Please

    Thanks a lot! These are simply awesome <3
  12. lazhiral

    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    Thanks a bunch! This one is way better than the original! :D
  13. lazhiral

    Lighting effects & Stepping Sounds for MV

    While there is no specific plugin for this, you could try this tutorial for a while :) I've just added it to my project and worked fine.
  14. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Thank you, Brown Bread! :) Updated it with:
  15. lazhiral

    Indrah's MV tiles

    Gezzz so awesome! Thanks a lot *saving all nature tiles* <3
  16. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Thanks! :D And done \o/
  17. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Hello! Here I'll post manly RTP Edits, since I'm not a real pixel artist, haha. But, maybe they're useful for someone :)   Terms of use Feel free to use it on commercial or non-commercial games. You are also free to re-edit it. Please do not post it elsewhere. Don't forget to credit me and...
  18. lazhiral

    Actor Stepping Animation

    That's pretty nice, I'll probably be using this! :D Thanks a lot for this plugin!
  19. lazhiral

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    These are awesome! I particularly like the owl :D
  20. lazhiral

    Official Bug Report

    Not sure if that's considered a bug (?), but... The glass option is overlaying the front hair images. Maybe that was intended, but anyway, here it is.

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