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  1. 10kk

    Fuffydud's MV Decor, Wall Art, etc.

    This deserves more recognition from anyone looking for these kinds of tiles - extremely hard to find any original and free custom flag/banners and statues. They are simply amazing. Also not to mention the huge gallery of different sized paintings. This is such a hidden gem!! I don't understand...
  2. 10kk

    SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    I just want to say, this is an incredible undertaking and plugin, thank you for translating it over here from the Original author. I don't know if you work on it at all, or if only he does, but there's so many mechanics that could be added, it would be worthy of a paid plugin with more...
  3. 10kk

    Having BOTH visual encounters and random encounters

    That is pretty intuitive, creating a hard limit on encounters also lets you control the economy/power level of a game so if you really don't want people to grind, they can't go beyond a certain amount of drops/exp/money. For certain kinds of games trying to create a restrictive challenge in this...
  4. 10kk

    Credit Where Credit is Due.

    I ran into this a few years ago with an unfinished project, the best way to avoid it is from taking the right step(s) at the very beginning. You can really do any of these and they take very little effort: - Create a bookmark folder, and bookmark every topic/location of a resource provider - At...
  5. 10kk

    Your favorite "first boss" in a jrpg?

    In FF9 I would consider the first boss the giant plant demon in Evil Forest. Upon killing it, it begins petrifying the entire forest outward from itself at a high speed. You're put on an on-rails, but exciting escape sequence getting out of the forest. It sets up a shocking change in what was...
  6. 10kk

    Copyright/Remixes and posting games on Rpgmakerweb

    Do you think you could give your guys stance on Question 2 and 3? There's various totally defunct/collapsed studios that could never file DMCA as the copyright is basically in eternal limbo, actually a lot of that exists but is just hard to find unless you know it. There's also copyright holders...
  7. 10kk

    Copyright/Remixes and posting games on Rpgmakerweb

    First of all I want to point out that this thread is not meant to cause arguments, I am just trying to have some things clarified and want to pose a few questions to figure it out. I am not arguing for using copyrighted material in games, that is not the point. I would just like to know how...
  8. 10kk

    - Animations Archive - (Update 11/04 - Nov Part 1/2)

    Glad to see the Animations.json was made available again, in response to my 2017 reply haha. I wish i was available back then :< I ended up never continuing projects. Great stuff Hadecynn, very cool to see stuff made last winter.
  9. 10kk

    Your weak point in gaming (there is a noob in all of us)

    Over exploration / looking for secrets that aren't there. Some games do very well with having a veil of mystery and making the world feel bigger than it actually is. Even pokemon games throw a red herring in and make you wonder wtf is the significance of this one thing in the world. Game I...
  10. 10kk

    KatS Random Icons and Items

    These would fit really well in an indie game, not only MV
  11. 10kk

    Selecting different “parts” of an enemy.

    It is very possible to do this without a plugin. You essentially have to crop a battler into parts, make each of them an Enemy in the database, and place them seperately into an encounter. It can take a bit of testing before the part is perfectly in place and looks natural, but isn't very hard...
  12. 10kk

    As long as it's not required to do it for the sake of completing the main story (grinding...

    As long as it's not required to do it for the sake of completing the main story (grinding, items?), and it is relatively easy to stay on track with the main story, I say no. It's great to have a rich world rather than an empty one.
  13. 10kk

    Start Game With Black Screen Fade-In

    There's nothing wrong with a filler beginning map! It is the simplest way to avoid the problem MV has about the beginning of the game being a bit rough. Just have the character "Start Transparent" in the database, and don't put any tiles on the map so it's just black. From here you have an...
  14. 10kk

    Whtdragon's icons

    I did some little franken edits and color edits since you allow it, may as well put them here if anyone's interested: I might use them in a project of mine, your icons are really nice bases to modify.
  15. 10kk

    Is there a way to get rid of the waiting between each step in Custom move routes?

    Perfect, thanks! It seems a bit non-intuitive that the Event command is secretly max frequency already but custom autonomous move route is not. I'm sure there is a reason for that which I don't know. Thank you very much for the solution.
  16. 10kk

    Looking for animation JSON file for Hadecynn's animations.

    I've tried messaging him a few times and contacting him through his website. The json file is simply not available, it was listed on his topic only, but I believe he accidentally deleted it as he constantly updated the main topic for new animations, and when he stopped working on his topic, did...
  17. 10kk

    Is there a way to get rid of the waiting between each step in Custom move routes?

    In the Autonomous Movement panel of an event, you have the choice to set a Custom move route. If you use this and say, make an event walk 5 tiles in a direction, there is a small delay between each step no matter the Speed. However, if you use the Set Movement Route command in the body of the...
  18. 10kk

    Enemies in enemy folder not showing up in DB

    Does your game have Sideview Battle (SV) activated? If so, enemies need to be put in the sv_enemies folder, rather than the regular enemies folder. If so and the problem still persists, are the missing images the .PNG file type?
  19. 10kk

    Free RPG Taster Pack

    Honestly the fanfare theme (Victory1) is one of the best i've heard in quite awhile. It is not easy to make a little tune that doesn't get annoying. It is very easy on the ears but still keeps the excitement that fanfare needs.

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