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  1. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Isekai Demonica (No Travel Game Jam)

    Introduction: The demon world, Demonica, has had it's fair share of troubles, but, now, it's dealing with a world-wide crisis of epic proportions... A Miasma born through one of the consistently warring kingdoms. In a last ditch effort to turn the tide of this "miasmic" menace, they've taken to...
  2. Mrs_Allykat

    Image Optimization (PNG) Tools

    You’re making a game, and you know what platform you are aiming to release the game on. You wipe out all the audio for the other platform…. And your game is still too big? Whaa? How does that happen? You’ve even emptied out the unused animations from the database! I know I’ve asked myself...
  3. Mrs_Allykat

    Official Profile Posts

    Just an idea, but could you somehow make the "official" RMW profile posts sticky for a day or two? A lot of people use the profile posts for generic things (which is fantastic), but official announcements can get quickly buried. If it would be too much trouble to do with the standard widget, you...
  4. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Witch of the Wicked Woods

    Ursa has Issues Pesky little adventurers, they're always imagining themselves as a grand hero. Ursa, an undergraduate initiate witch has been assigned a particular forest for her final real-world exam. She's not the most studious of witches, but she's determined to protect this enchanted...
  5. Mrs_Allykat

    Script to Swap Body Types

    Generator Body Change Batch File This is a Windows based BATCH file script, NOT a javascript plugin. NEW Version 1.2 The batch file now has a limited GUI to control your installed body types. The instructions are similar, but now collected up into two main batch files. (Zip is attached at...
  6. Mrs_Allykat

    Allow Multiple Character Generator Instances

    Allow Multiple Character Generators: Allow Multiple Buttons to bring up generators with different parts. Each generator should work as default, just have access to a different folder. Likely would need a menu adjustment to turn feature on, or be done in a sakan/gene plugin format. Mockup...
  7. Mrs_Allykat


    FailSwitch Operating self switches the FailSauce way The Intro I'm lazy. There, I said it. I got tired of rewriting the code to change a self-switch of other events every time the event in question was on another map. What's more, rewriting the code for a range of self switches gets really old...
  8. Mrs_Allykat

    Thanks for the Christmas Present (Magic and SF)

    Just saw the Magic and SF Pack for 1.6.1 showing up in the steam DLC directory. Thanks Kadokawa / Yoji Ojima, and thanks to Sanshiro as well. You are all fantastic!
  9. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Isekai Anthology: Seriously, there is a CatGirl Maid Cafe in the Forest

    Entry for IGMC2018 Introduction / Story One NEET meets one BUS, and you already know the rest! It happens over and over, but this time the poor hero, Hirito, inherited a Maid Cafe of Catgirls! What could possibly go wrong? Scratch that, what couldn't go wrong? Deep in the Waldorf Forest...
  10. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Cats Vs. Zombies

    Cats Vs. Zombies Welcome to Badtown, we have zombies for you. Badtown got it's name rightfully, this place is just bad. Well, it used to not be, but now there are zombies freaking everywhere! It was bad enough when there were just one or two, but the whole town has been "zombie-fied," meaning...
  11. Mrs_Allykat

    Keyboard Layouts and Instruction

    I was working with Yanfly's "Button Common Events" for an in-game action, and everything is fine with it. This is not technical, or is it a plugin issue. It is a design question, and it would apply equally to MV, VXA, 2K, or any variation of a game-engine in which there is a defined key. It is...
  12. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Port Phobos

    PORT PHOBOS [RSE] Priscilla HATES her JOB! Well, she loves being an Aetherist, but hates having to operate as a Spacer Association field agent. Chasing down the dregs of society, loitering in the shadier side of town, and doing so without causing a scene. She's an Aetherist, all of her...
  13. Mrs_Allykat

    Crimson Towers Battlepack Missing "Bonus"

    It just hit me that the Crimson Towers Battlepack (RMW Store) is missing the "Exclusive Bonus: Illustrated title screen." While it isn't a huge deal, the curiosity is killing me! Any chance of backtracking this to find out what it was supposed to be?
  14. Mrs_Allykat

    Fail DooDads

    I'm sharing some doodads (for yanfly's plugin). I made these from the MV RTP, so if you use them - you must own a copy of RPGMaker MV. All credit for the items below belong to Kadakowa and Degica. I need no credit, as anyone could have done this. The edits could be worked into tiles, but I did...
  15. Mrs_Allykat

    Dressing up first person combat

    As the title implies, is there a way to dress up first person combat so that it is at least a little interesting? I'm asking because I'm working on a short game, and would like to keep the combat as simple to develop as possible. ( I have another game where I'm working on learning Yanfly's...
  16. Mrs_Allykat

    Style preferences for thoughts

    How do you guys handle a character's thinking on a topic? Do you change location of the window, use some kind of bracket, or another method to set thoughts apart from a character's spoken lines? I'm pretty sure there is no hard and fast rule, but I've just not found a method that I'm comfortable...
  17. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Doctor Slime - One Map Challenge

    A One Map Challenge Entry Description: Therese, of the RTP, has developed a severe case of tsunder-enza! This could develop into the highly contagious trope-itosis. Sadly, Harold has no idea that this problem even exists. To prevent the entire slime-verse from contracting such an annoying...
  18. Mrs_Allykat

    GENE Extension Screen Size

    Howdy! I'm not 100% sure if this is the right sub-forum, but since this looks more like a designed limitation and not a bug -- I'm rolling the dice that this is the best place for it. With that stated, the actual "improvement" that I think the GENE extension could benefit from... A *smaller*...
  19. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Aurora Magica (Demo and Mapping Demo Available)

    Aurora Magica ( Warnings: There are some suggestive materials, some salty language, and too many puns. ) In a game world built around manga-type fantasies, there are social and political ramifications. Nations could not thrive in a world where there is a gender imbalance of numbers. Not all...

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