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  1. rechronicle

    Asset conversion, is it allowed to publish?

    I hope this is the right place to ask. Let's say, I'm converting assets from MV to MZ, then release it online. Is it allowed? As what I'm doing here will be releasing something that is locked behind paywalls and furthermore I can't control what the downloader will do to the asset. Whether they...
  2. rechronicle

    Help to Modify the Eval Script Code

    Can anyone modify this to get the array index from start to finish, and then back to start again? (ex: 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, etc) Original script: I already tried to write it out myself, but my intelligence is...
  3. rechronicle

    Questions about Writing Lunatic

    Are these 'keywords/variable' always available whenever I want to write Lunatic code? (can we call this global variable?) this, target, user, player, a, b, value, undefined, origin I tried to create Custom Apply Effect with this.gainHp(100) and it works. But where can I find the list of those...
  4. rechronicle

    Window Colors Legend?

    Hello! Is there any color legend somewhere? Like a map legend. Or has anyone ever made one? :biggrin: Ex: color20-21 = health bar; color1 = text color, color15 = text outline, etc. Thanks!
  5. rechronicle

    VS Community IDE?

    Is there any way to use or set RPG Maker MV IDE with VS Community? I'm only found VS Code integration so far. Thanks!
  6. rechronicle

    Item Core Independent item Bug?

    Hello! Is anyone have a fix for this? Or is it intended? Thanks!
  7. rechronicle

    Exp Curve Formula Help

    Hello! How to write this formula for the Exp curve, I'm using Yanfly plugin. Lv1 to 2 - need 100 Lv2 to 3 - need 200 Lv3 to 4 - need 300 and so on... I'm not really good at math, I can't figure this out after trying for some time. :kaodes: Please help, thanks!
  8. rechronicle

    Learn a skill from random pool?

    Hello! how to make different choices each time player access it, and that can be used to learn a random skill? So, it will take a 3 random skill from a range of skills, and then put it in 'Show Choice'. The 'Show Choice' will change with each new skill put in there. I get the picture, but not...
  9. rechronicle

    Change (& Possibly Add Empty Slot) Equipment for slot number 2nd, 3rd, etc?

    Hello! I'm using YEP_EquipCore to increase the number of equipment of the same type, in this case, it's Accessory slot. I want to control that each time player gets a new accessory, the player going to equip it on the next empty slot. How to do it? 'Change Equipment' command will only allow me...
  10. rechronicle

    Great Battle/General plugin suggestion?

    Hello! Is anyone has some great battle or general plugin that you can suggest to me? Especially after Yanfly is gone, I'm not sure anymore o3o
  11. rechronicle

    Hue-Shifting in pixel art?

    Hello world! I am currently learning about the hue-shifting in pixel art. So far I know about how we should slide the Hue and Value to the left or right respectively. But what about the Saturation slider? Does it have a movement pattern or just put it in the same place for the entire shifting...
  12. rechronicle

    Draigana's Fire

    Draigana's Fire ver1.0 Price: 1.08$ Language: English Synopsis: The story of the game is about the last dragonkin who fights her way to find the truth behind the killing of her relations and to find her identity. Trailer: Screenshots: Links to: The game page. Download the (super short)...
  13. rechronicle

    [YEP Battle Engine] - Skill animation and effect to all enemies at once? How to write?

    Hello! Having a trouble of the skill scope, I want the skill animation to show once but instead, it goes 3 times to each person. Even after I choose the scope to 'All Enemies', or even leave the note box blank. How to write the thing? The video of what I mean. Need help. Can't really figure...
  14. rechronicle

    Move to Target slightly below certain pixel? - Yanfly Action Sequence Help

    Hello, so I want to make the user move to specific point from the enemy. Just like below: Is there a way to do this with the action sequence? I can't find the way even after scanning through Action Sequence 1, 2, and 3. Hope I am not missing a thing. Thank you!
  15. rechronicle

    About Script Calls

    Hello, I have some questions about Script Call that I can't figure it out myself. I know about the existence of Script Call list, but... How to make use/maximize the efficiency of using Script Call? Like, maybe something that cannot be implemented by Event Commands but it can. Can you give me...
  16. rechronicle

    YEP_PictureCommonEvent in battle?

    Hello, is there any extension for YEP_PictureCommonEvent (or maybe a plugin) that allow a clickable picture in battle and then run a common event? For example, maybe change entire troop states if the picture is clicked. Thanks!
  17. rechronicle

    Plugin that you love but no one rarely knows

    Hello! I have seen many plugin makers stop on creating a new plugin and decide to tackle with new engine nowadays. It's kinda sad but that's decision and we should respect them. I do believe a new plugin maker also come into the scene. So, do you have any plugins you like that you can share? Or...
  18. rechronicle

    MOG BattleHUD Change the Anime Flow direction?

    Hello, by default the anime flow of HP/TP/MP parameter is flow to the left, how can I change the direction to the right? The plugin: MOG_BattleHUD Thank you!
  19. rechronicle

    How to permanently move the character position in battle?

    Hello, I was wondering how to get a control on character position in battle. I think it will be interested if utilized with YEP_AreaofEffect plugin. For example: Boss A want to use Laser AoE skill, the character can choose to stay on the platform. After player A use skill to move behind the...
  20. rechronicle

    What is the name of this animation effect?

    Hello, I was wondering how to do this kind of animation, but do not know the right keyword to search for it in the search engine. (To be exact, the ziggidy-zaggidy effect on the cat.) Do you know about it? Thank you

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