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  1. Baka-chan

    Draw Text on screen

    I'd like to know how to display a text/variable on the screen. I made a time plugin and want to display the time on the screen but don't know how to get the text to be drawn on the screen.
  2. Baka-chan

    Generator files for earless characters (for animal ears)

    How to use: Enter the folder where you have RPG Maker MV installed Copy files into the Generator folder Start RPG Maker MV Open the Character Generator Choose Ears -> 3rd option (no ears) Add animal ears and customize the rest of your Demi-Human Example: Download: No human ears: Generator...
  3. Baka-chan

    Change Language

    Just as the title says I would like to change the language used in RPG Maker MV, because I prefer to use the english one instead of the german translation.
  4. Baka-chan

    Smooth map change without fade

    Hello everyone reading this. My goal is to make a smooth map change so that the player wouldn't really notice that he was just teleported to another map (for example leaving a town). My current idea is using the possible places a player is able to enter the the next area x2, but that would only...
  5. Baka-chan

    Messed up forum layout

    I just found a topic and noticed that somehow the layout is broken there. Here's the link to the topic Notice the 2 dots at the report buttong in the first post shown in my screenshot.

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