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  1. FeaR616

    Tool for writing Stories

    hello there folks, I want to ask if someone knows a program to write the story...  at the moment I just use MS word... but it would be nice if there is a program out there where I can make seperate text fragments and link them with others to make different story lines... I (poorly) draw a...
  2. FeaR616

    Game Character Hub Ressources?

    Hi, I hope this is the right place. I use the Game Character Hub to create some sprites but due to the limited amount of hairs, clothes, armors etc. they all look kinda same.. I have a simple question: are there some more ressources to add or to use with the Game Character Hub?? maybe...
  3. FeaR616

    [ACE] Show Choice Error - Window doesn't expand

    Hi folks, I got a strange error.  If I use the show choices command and fill the choices with a bit more text, normally the choices window expand so the text fit in it. but now it doesn't. here is a screenshot: you can see the word "truth" ist in the second line behind the word "Keep" ... ...
  4. FeaR616

    Protect you Music - Does it really help?

    Hi there, I have a few questions about music in RPG Maker projects. I read a bit about encryption and the problems with the audio folder. I purchased some music packs from the rpgmakerweb products site and want to know, if I use this music in my project, do I have to try to protect it? I mean...
  5. FeaR616

    [ACE] Use Ring Menu in another way!

    well, hi, it's me again! I found this Ring Menu Script (within the spoiler on first post) and want to... use it in another way it is supposed to be. but now I am at a point where I need some help! instead of calling scenes I want to use this ring menu to call common events. In line 122 you...
  6. FeaR616

    [Ace] Events above Pictures

    Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to get events above pictures??  because if I have an overlay picture with trees... and a bird event... it looks really stupid if the bird flies under the tree. oO I could not figure it out yet and hope someone can push me into the right direction! =)
  7. FeaR616

    [ACE] Vlue's Advanced Time System - Screen Tone Error

    And another ... error? bug? misbehaviour? doesn't matter. In Vlue's Advanced Time System Script there is a part which changes the screen tone automatically based on the game time. and this is usually... a good thing. if there weren't one thing that really bugs me: if I go outside of a...
  8. FeaR616

    [ACE] Yanfly's Victory Aftermath - No Gold Error

    Okay, again I need the helpt of yours. first, the victory aftermath script is awesome. but.. I got a little issue with that. in my game, many of the monsters dont drop gold (why would a monster carry gold o_O) so they are dropping other items instead. unfortunately shows the script every...
  9. FeaR616

    Who am I? I am FeaR616

    Oh my... I registered in november 2014 and searched for THIS subforums til now... lol, I never thought it would be in the very last subforum on this board. XD so, finally I can say hello to everybody here and now that I am here a bit now, I am very happy that I registered on this board. I got...
  10. FeaR616

    [ACE] Error with direction fix events!

    okay, I am facing a strange behaviour of objects with fix direction... like doors, chests, stones and so on. even if I set them to fix direction in the event window, some events still change their direction for 2 or 3 frames which really bugs me! why is that so?  a friend of mine said "oh...
  11. FeaR616

    [ACE] Event Offset Repositioning is Visible!

    hello again fellow, sorry to bother you so much... I use this Event Fine Tuning Script to ... well.. tune some events, like set an offset for a large gate to put it in the middle. and here is the problem with this offset: if you teleport from another map to one with events that have offsets...
  12. FeaR616

    [ACE] Yanfly Battle System State Error

    hello guys, I am using Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine with the Free Turn Battle AddOn and a lot of other Yanfly scripts. but now, while I wanted to test my monster behaviour during battle, I got a game crash, everytime a monster inflicts the character with a state like poison, paralysis etc. I...
  13. FeaR616

    [ACE] Camera stops when dashing!

    hi everyone, I hope someone can help me on this topic. I use a lot of scripts in my project and I am currently facing a "bug" that I don't get rid off...  the problem is, if I dash straight into one direction, the camera stops to move, so the character is able to run out of the screen, which...
  14. FeaR616

    [ACE] Khas Awesome Lights - Multiple Static Lanterns

    Okay, I am using Khas Awesome Lights Script because... it's awesome! You are able to give the player a lantern with few simple steps. great!!! but now I tried to use the static lanterns ... not only one, multiple lanterns on same map. while testing, it seems to me that this script only...
  15. FeaR616

    Move Route VS. Move Route

    well... I am just curious about this. during testing, I recognized a thing and I can not answer it myself, so I ask it here. in events... like doors... chests... everything.. you can set up the movement to be random, none or... the move route! for chests as an example, you would set it up to...
  16. FeaR616

    [ACE] Move Route glitch?

    Well, I don't know if I should start a new thread for this... but to be on the safe side, I do it. My problem is this: I set up the switch events as followed: graphic is the down looking switch (so it is the default position..), parallel process and the move route...
  17. FeaR616

    Display Pictures and erase them when changing map

    Okay, this really bugs me up! I want to use some pictures I made to display some light effects and for overlay mapping. since I learned today that pictures are global, I have to erase them on every teleport when changing the map.  and to use different ID's for every picture or assign a new...
  18. FeaR616

    Enemy Value Calculations

    Alright, I decided to make own thread for this since it is a bit more specific... since I want to use Yanfly's Free Turn Battle for my game, the battles are like in pokemon games with rounds. now I want to set up my enemies values like maxhp, maxmp, atk and so on when the player first...
  19. FeaR616

    Element Combination System

    Element Combination System By FeaR I present today to you all my first script which I will use for my upcoming commercial game. =) Introduction IMPORTANT: This script is only to use for Actor 1 in the database!!! This script allows you to set up new elements that can be created if the player...
  20. FeaR616

    [Help] Got Error on Kread-EX Cannibalism Script!

    Hi there, me again. Sorry for bothering the Forum with that, but since I got no replies on the original site, I hope someone can help me here with that. So, I want to use Kread-EX Cannibalism Script because I think it adds some funny gameplay parts to battles. But I am facing an error and...

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