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  1. Lydyn

    Signature Issue

    Hope this is the correct place to post this, but I am getting an issue with my signature on both and The error message is; "Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image." However ALL images included in the signature are all under the...
  2. Lydyn

    Lover's Rift

    Ruby Queen, Inc. Website Lover's Rift Blog Please support Lover's Rift by visiting: Twitter -- Facebook Screenshots Genre: Visual Novel [with puzzle and RPG elements] Detailed Story Description: Lillian is a librarian...
  3. Lydyn

    Ebonflame Subclass Manager - Subclass XP/JP Issue

    Hey all. For some reason, Ebonflame scipt's (here) ability to add EXP to a subclass has stopped! I don't know why or how ... the only things I've been editing is my custom menu system (which shouldn't touch subclass EXP) and Yanfly's Class system - but only in the way of making it so that the...
  4. Lydyn

    GTBS -> Victory Aftermath

    I'm using both GTBS (here) and Yanfly's Victory Aftermath (here + JP Manager) in my game ... however a very simple issue has arose that has forced me to research for hours on end with no results as well as making as much sense (which isn't much) as I'm able of the scripts. The issue is a simple...

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