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  1. abe109

    New Game Project Based On Historical Fiction Book

    3 days since I last posted so this is an informative bump to those who help I am willing to give the following rewards Rewards I can give you (please choose 2):  -Create a new character a new game story line -Alter one of the 5 districts with ideas of your own -Mentioned at top of...
  2. abe109

    Need a free composer?

    Would it be possible for you to create a soundtrack similar (not in rhythm but in reference to importance) to the game of thrones soundtrack 'the king's arrival'? I need something that says 'here comes an important man' when the most powerful man in my fictional world walks in the game. I...
  3. abe109

    New Game Project Based On Historical Fiction Book

    12.05.2016 Abraham Hello my fellow game developers, I need to recruit people who would like to help me create a video game I have planned to create based on a book I'm writing. We will be using RPG MAKER XV ACE AND RPG MAKER MV as well as 5+ texture, music packs, additional...
  4. abe109

    Looking for fellow newbies to start a new project

    Hi I love to write, how can I help? You can send me an email with anything to proof read to my email Or add my skype so we can start a mindmap and help you get started with the story. Kushner109. Greetings.
  5. abe109 lots of fun lots of fun
  6. abe109

    Debonair Sins & The Liberated Spell

    One VERY IMPORTANT question.. How do you do it so that the voice over stops when you press enter on the text?
  7. abe109

    [DEMO] Lost Legend: Dawn of the Managate

    GAME REVIEW: -Highlights: First of all I don´t usually have compliments for a combat based game using RPG Maker but surprisingly this time around I actually do. I enjoyed the combat with the rats and even the first tutorial- it is easy for the user to go through and fun. Although the first...
  8. abe109

    Free Testing Services

    By all means leave me a link to the game you want me to try :D
  9. abe109

    Kingdoms of Almaria - Update 4/22/15

    Kingdoms of Almaria threat detected: suspicious cloud EP7. Can't download it.
  10. abe109

    Out of the Storm

    Demo please?
  11. abe109

    At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

    Are you joking? I was not allowed to save before first boss and then I get perma stunned for the whole battle duration only to see a gameover screen. F- ... not interested in replay value after that.
  12. abe109

    How to write good (preferably legally binding) license agreement ??

    Can´t you just get a sample liscence agreement that is free of charge and work around it?
  13. abe109

    Miraculo Island (DEMO available!)

    One last request... could you add more easter eggs? cutscenes, events that are not really part of the main storyline?
  14. abe109

    Miraculo Island (DEMO available!)

    At that point if the player cant use the arrow keys on his keyboards he will most likely stop playing and dump the game.
  15. abe109

    Miraculo Island (DEMO available!)

    REVIEW: Characters 10/10 Plot 10/10 Dialogue 10/10 Scenery: 10/10 Suggestions: I got stuck on the map screen, when you get out of the house to find the girls-- please fix Make access points including doors and stairs more visible total overall 100/100 I would pay money for this once its...
  16. abe109

    Edge of Darkness v. 0.7 (Demo Available)
  17. abe109

    Free Testing Services

    Last notes on Rail.... This guys is just umm.... Hmmm... he should like be a total anti-hero. He´s like the perfect example of a character that just bugs the player so much for being so inensitive to this little kid character (even though it´s fiction.) It´s like you dont wanna play anymore...
  18. abe109

    Free Testing Services

    Ok so here are some suggestions: Notes I took... Progression, it starts of really slow and drawn out.. Save fairy (needless character, save should work outright and some save reminders should pop up).. then this girl Eek?. Could she be a little more hmmmm... sexy or smarter? Such a tool I...
  19. abe109

    Free Testing Services

    Dear Sir I am playing your game... will have a review for you soon.
  20. abe109

    Free Testing Services

    Hello, I have a lot of free time on my hands so I would like to beta test any game for free... As many times as you want!  You can PM me anytime with your demo or semi complete game.. even complete games. Any games as long as they are made with any RPG MAKER I will try and review asap. Feel...

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