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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @Tuomo L Just a heads up for the dialogue, I don't believe 2 honorifics are ever used, you might want to choose either -sama or -senpai. I've consumed a fairly large amount of Japanese media and I've never come across 2 honorifics used in tandem like that. Also, take my opinion with a grain of...
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Posted a fairly large map a couple of pages ago, just showing a little update and asking for opinions. If you're familiar with the old map, this is the top-right forest section. You can ignore the black, it belongs to a different section of the map that I haven't worked on yet. As always...
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @Kes Why's that? I've only parallaxed a few maps, so I'm by no means an expert. Am I out of the loop on some restriction?
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @batch Thanks for the reply! Yeah, the edges look terrible right now because I haven't actually got to a majority of them yet haha. The 'path' in the bottom right is just a placeholder of where I'm gonna be closing off that cliff area. The whole forest in the upper section of the map is just a...
  5. What Are Some Seamless Ways To Integrate Lore?

    @Kes See, I'm one of the players that enjoys exhausting every possible dialogue option when playing games. I'm one of the ones that love walls of text, so I have to stop myself from writing such when working on my script for the story. I'll definitely think hard on how to visually add lore with...
  6. What Are Some Seamless Ways To Integrate Lore?

    Hey all o/ What's a good way to integrate lore into a game? I don't wanna chuck the player at a wall of text for fear of boring them, but at the same time I want to build the world and its history. Is it a good idea to hit the player with the ol' LoreLite.exe and then add optional quests and...
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Hey all o/ So I started a thread in the General Discussions area, but apparently that was the wrong place, so let's try this again. So this is a super basic barebones map that obviously isn't finished yet: When I originally started I divided this map into a 5x5 grid with each section being a...
  8. Mapping/Lore Questions

    Heys guys o/ So I'm currently making a map and it looks like this: This is a rough template that I'm going to take into GIMP for some parallax mapping. The black lines are where I originally planned on splitting the maps. The breaks in those lines are where I plan to have links to other maps...
  9. Work work

    Work work
  10. Bit of help with a Conditional Branch

    Hahaha, I absolutely love how you rolled with the 'Grandpa'. Thanks to you I finally understand what's going on. So, basically, since neither Route A nor B is on Wait, even if their conditions are met, there's no actual pause to allow the movement to take place, and thus the long Move Route...
  11. Bit of help with a Conditional Branch

    @JGreene I want the Player to have control of their movement while this event is running, so the 'Wait for completion' option isn't really what I'm going for. Is there a way to do this without ticking that box? I might be able to switch to another page to set up a Parallel process, but I'd like...
  12. Bit of help with a Conditional Branch

    I'm a bit confused as to what I'm doing wrong and would like a little help in correcting the obvious misunderstanding I'm having. So as to what I'm trying to accomplish; So as soon as the Player activates the Grandfather Event (GE), the Event stores the X coordinate of the Player. If the...
  13. Any way to move the Player while an Event is running?

    @Andar Okay, after reading this and doing some tinkering I was able to give the player back control by hopping to a new event page like you said. Yay! Thanks for the help on that one. I'm posting the event as it is now for 3 reasons: So you can take a looksie and tell me if there's a better way...
  14. Any way to move the Player while an Event is running?

    Well, I have a cutscene that I want to start as soon as I enter the map, but as soon as the cutscene ends I want the Event(NPC) running the cutscene to start searching around. Is there another way to activate the second part of the event without having it on Autrorun? I don't want the player to...
  15. Any way to move the Player while an Event is running?

    Heya, I just bought RMMV a couple days ago, so go easy on me if this a silly question. I'm just curious if there's a way for someone to have complete control over the Player while there is an Event running. Basically, I want an Event(NPC) to be walking around to simulate searching for an item...

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