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  1. Liandra Aura

    32 x 32 Relationship Icon

    Resource Type: Icon Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: Caz Icons Description: Looking for a couple different ones based on the references below. 32 x 32 icon size 1. Status.png file shows 2 hands grasped like they're arm wrestling. Mine was bad which is why I am...
  2. Liandra Aura

    (MV)Battlefield images

    Resource Type: Battle Backgrounds(?) Maker Format: MV Art Style: Pixelated ground. Multiple terrain types. Description: I’m looking for battle fields that would fit with my battlers. They would stretch a good length of the screen and rest beneath the feet of enemy battlers/players (I used a...
  3. Liandra Aura

    [RMMV]Time Fantasy Steampunk Tileset

    RPG Maker MV Art style: Time Fantasy (Jason Perry) Exactly what I need: Tanks (containers) Steam animations (soft req’) Pipes Cogs Victorian-like windows and walls Airship engine add-on I won’t need them for awhile but since it takes quite some time to build large tile sets...
  4. Liandra Aura

    FREE RMMV - Dark Fantasy/Steampunk/Intrigue - Recruitment

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Project Completion: <1% Core Concepts: Our team here at No More Heroes Productions is dedicated to the idea of producing a JRPG with as many unique concepts and designs using an older "Time Fantasy/Fire Emblem" art style. While some systems, notably the battle system, will...
  5. Liandra Aura

    Back View Battlesystem(?)

    Is there one? I know you could do it with Yanfly scripts in RMVX/ACE but it doesn't seem like hes transferred Active Battlers over to the new engine yet. For those who don't know: Basically your characters are just above the status window at the bottom, facing the enemy crowd. When you take an...
  6. Liandra Aura

    Summon via Eventing help

    Well I'm half-way there. For some reason, I can't seem to get the battle events to read multiple conditional branches within themselves. It's defeating the event where if all enemies have 'knock-out,' it will remove the summon from battle and return your actors. If I only have a 2 enemy battle...
  7. Liandra Aura

    Simple Cave Tile edit (Stalactites!)

    All credits to Kadokawa and Enterbrain for the base tileset. This is a simple edit meant for an overhead effect in your caves in case the player finds some low ceiling areas. Feel free to credit me for the small edit. It looks good in game but I use a lighting script that makes these look...
  8. Liandra Aura

    [FIX] Flawed Gen part - TV_Clothing2_p04(c)

    No credit can go to me for this is a simple fix to a generator part that was flawed in the MV TV Male folder. If you feel like crediting me for posting the fix, by all means but please give credit to Kadokawa/Enterbrain
  9. Liandra Aura

    Legend of Illymara (Title is a WIP) [FREE with exclusions]

    Facebook post: (SIMPLE VERSION) Looking for writers and artists willing to work for free. (Not completely. Working on a trilogy but I want to release the first part to the public for free. If it works out, we can market the sequels) I need people who are good with dialogue and character...
  10. Liandra Aura

    [Face Generator] Small request for tears

    Anyone mind uploading tears for the generator as an accessory or facial piece? Perhaps a few sets so they are compatible with all of the eyes? Been trying to make emotes for all of my actors through the generator but the built in crying eyes don't go with any of the other eyes really.

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