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  1. MyLordRobinson

    Yanfly Battle Command List Help - Adding to Party Command Window

    Hello. I am currently using Yanfly's Battle Command List script for my VX Ace Project. I'm currently desiring to enter a custom command to the Party Command Window beginning at Line 145 of the script. I was curious if I was able to place a Skill Type within the Party Command Windows at...
  2. MyLordRobinson

    Key Mapping

    Hello. I'm having an issue mapping keys. I have a common event that's running on the default setting of "When L is Pressed....". I was curious if I could make a command that says when "Num 1 is Pressed...", "Num 2 is Pressed" etc. I understand that according to the default mapping "L" is the Q...
  3. MyLordRobinson

    Yanfly Party Script - Issues

    Hey guys, I'm currently using Yanfly's Party Script, and I was wondering how I can add an actor to my party and make it to where it cannot be used in the active battle party? For instance, I have Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3 Actor 4 in my party, but I've set the battle size to Three characters...
  4. MyLordRobinson

    The Adventurer's Journey

    Hello! I recently purchased this music pack as part of the steam sale that went on a week or so ago, and I must have deleted the song list as well as the credits document. Is there any way I can get those emailed or messaged to me for my records?
  5. MyLordRobinson

    Yami Skill Equip

    Good evening! I am using this script by Yami and I am getting the following problem: Any thoughts? I'm using Yanfly Battle Engine, if that makes a difference.
  6. MyLordRobinson

    Skills and Variables

    I am in need of some help. I have some skills that use Yanfly's skill cost script, and it needs X amount of Y item to work- I have that part taken care of. However, in the skill description, I have  "Uses Item X. STOCK: \v[#]." The Variable is not coming up. I have used "Control Variables...
  7. MyLordRobinson

    Scene Calls

    Hello! I was wanting to make a common event that called up the Equip scene for an actor that isn't in my party. For instance, I want to approach an NPC and do $Menu_Scene_EquipActor[4] or something like that. I can't quite find the method.
  8. MyLordRobinson

    Common Events and Script Calls.

    Hello! I am currently using a variety of scripts that have calls that I can plug into common events, and I was wanting to know how I can, for instance, call up a menu and then after doing what I need to do, go back to the menu previous. For more clarification, I'm using Mr. Bubble's Crafting...
  9. MyLordRobinson

    Icons as Charactersets

    Does there exist or is there a way for you to convert an icon set or tileset into charactersets that I can use as Events to place on a map?
  10. MyLordRobinson

    Yanfly Battle - Yami Guardian capability issue.

    I'm getting an error when I summon an actor as a guardian under Yami's scripts. For some reason, it refers to Yanfly's cooldown script even though none of the skills that are used to activate these scripts require a cooldown.
  11. MyLordRobinson

    Help with Fonts

    Hello all! I am using YF-Core along with YF-Message System and I'm trying to edit the font in my XS - Teleport script. I, for the life of me, can't remember what font my system default is from now on. I've been looking around my scripts and each of the ones dealing with font are all different...
  12. MyLordRobinson

    Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager

    Hello! I am currently using Yanfly's skill cost manager as well as the script that allows customization of the types of weapons a character can use. My question that I'm having is that is there a way for me to use the "cost preform" part of the string to check if an item is equipped or not? For...
  13. MyLordRobinson

    Element-Null Skills Help

    Hey guys! I'm currently using a character that has elemental-null types of attacks that cause the Thunder/Fire/Ice Force ect. skills on Self, and I was wanting to know how I would be able to run a common event or a parallel process in order to only have one of those "Null" skills active at a time?
  14. MyLordRobinson

    Modern Algebra's XVA Quest Journal Help

    Hello guys, I am having a problem using the aforementioned script. When I activate the scene either from a key shortcut or from the menu, I get an interpreter error. It's a 1484 error saying no capital for nil.class. I do have the Yanfly menu script.
  15. MyLordRobinson

    Limiting Skills

    Hey guys! In the project I am working on, I want to limit the amount of skills that can be used by an actor in battle. For instance, I want to event/database it to where an Actor can use Skill Type 1 but not Type 2-5 and when he or she has Skill Type 5 equipped they can't use 1-4. I thought...
  16. MyLordRobinson

    Aesthetics or Practicability?

    Hey guys. I'm currently reworking some mapping for my project and I'm trying to make smaller, separate maps for rooms in a building. Now, the problem I'm having is if it would be better if the outside hallway/corridors looked like the room on the left or the room on the right? I don't really...
  17. MyLordRobinson

    The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

          Coming Soon...  
  18. MyLordRobinson

    Could someone direct me to...

    Forum threads or external sites where I can find some faceset and sprite sets for the VX Ace generator?
  19. MyLordRobinson

    Making a Game...and not a movie...frustrations of gameplay

    FFT has one of the best stories of the whole PSX series. We can't be friends.
  20. MyLordRobinson

    Requesting a Sprite and Faceset


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