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  1. Gamefall Team

    Bind mouse event to PIXI Object

    Hello guys, I want to discuss with you today about a problem that I noticed in all the version of pixi.js that are inserted in Rpg Maker MV. Maybe I make something wrong, but I can't find any way to make it works. My problem is related to bound a mouse event to a Sprite (or PIXI.Sprite) or...
  2. Gamefall Team

    Iterate in each byte of a stream

    A little Node JS question, hoping that someone could help me! In Ruby we have a method that calls the given block of a stream once for each byte: each_byte() I'm creating a stream using the fs of Node.js: fs.createReadStream(path) There is a method...
  3. Gamefall Team

    GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins

    GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins Free plugins created for RPG MAKER MV! WARNING! The plugins ( a part of them ) published in this post are not updated, needing to be polished for better performances. I'm really busy, but new versions of these plugins are work in progress, to be released as I...
  4. Gamefall Team

    Hello There!

    Hi Everybody! We are Gamefall, a team  formed in november, by students. We are working on a big project on Rpg Maker MV, We're still in the first phases of our work, but we'll be able to show you something as soon as possible. About us, We are all students from Italy involved in different...

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