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    @Jalen I found the problem. While logged in on Firefox, I can't do a right-click save image, since it brings up a pop-up than then redirects to Photobucket when trying to save it. However, going on Internet Explorer and not being logged in let me do it. Weird.
  2. Jalen's Junkyard

    I can't seem to access any of the images in the Photobucket album (or, for that matter, any other user who hosts their work on that site). I click "save" in the pop-up, and it goes to the Photobucket site. On there, there is no way to view the image on its own, or download it (clicking the...

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Today I finished my Lets Play. Gonna have the videos scheduled for daily uploads now. Woo I finished something ^^
*tries to study Emergence of Bangladesh: Ancient Bengal* Matsyanyayam- When the law of punishment is kept in abeyance... okay what? *searches dictionary* oh! Ok. In abeyance, it gives rise to such disorders as is implied in the proverb of fishes i.e the larger fish swallows a small one- wait fishes eat each other!? Is that like... fishy cannibalism!?...Oh! It's 8:30! Time for dinner! *throws book on floor*
Babbaditch Finster and the Seven-Sided Cube has got to be one of my favorite classic games that didn't exist when I was kid, or ever
My tutorial about frankenspriting is now online :3 Any topic you would like to see next?
Stuffing three people in a room and thinking they'll study together is so wrong XD I don't get how people do group studies. We just end up gossiping about everything except studying lol

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