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  1. Veethree

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    From Hailey Comet and the Tower of Eul. Making the most of the old VX and VX Ace battlers for my purposes. I'll probably get a plugin to reposition battlers so that the monster's talons don't get cut-off. What scaling filter would you guys recommend? I like my bosses large and screen-filling :P
  2. Veethree

    Idea of Cantrip Spells

    It could work as a specific class's mechanic. If the extra action feels like a nice add-on and not just a smidgen of extra damage, you'll succeed in setting the class apart. I also can totally see "Cantrips" as a core mechanic: Characters get one free action for support skills, and one action...
  3. Veethree

    Dialogue options and the illusion of choice

    If nothing else, these dialogue trees at least flesh out the personality of the protagonist as projected on by the player. The player still has agency over how the conversation goes, even though the end outcome is the same. Personally, I find it annoying when your dialogue options influence the...
  4. Veethree

    RMMV Hailey Comet and the Tower of Eul - Special Demo Edition

    Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around with RPG Maker ever since VX came out (and even got a couples of demos out here and there), and I think I’m finally ready to commit to a full game! I’d really love your feedback for this first ‘real’ project. (MORE SCREENSHOTS): ------------- SYNOPSIS...
  5. Veethree

    RMMV Kindergarten Knight

    The mix between hand-drawn and photograph graphics is very nice :D

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